I only used dry shampoo for a week. Here's what happened.

The results will surprise you.

We don’t know about you, but dry shampoo is an absolute godsend and a must-have in our beauty cabinets (and gym bags). This oil-busting, miracle-in-a-bottle is a quick fix for need-to-be-tamed locks, and, ultimately, refreshes our entire look in minutes. And now, we’ve put it to the ultimate test, forgoing shampoo and conditioner for an entire week. Yes, an entire week.

Here’s what happened:

I’ll be completely honest, I adore dry shampoo, but was a little sceptical about relying on it for seven whole days. I normally wash my hair three times a week, sometimes more, because greasy hair is just not okay with me, especially post-Barre. But alas, there I was, with my trusty side-kick De Lorenzo Et Absorb Dry Shampoo
Each morning I’d simply spray my roots along the crown of my head, wait a few seconds, and then use my fingers to work the product in – hello va-va-voom volume. By day four, I went for a classic ponytail and found that my hair super easy to manage and style – no more back-combing or teasing! By day seven, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my scalp wasn’t itchy or smelly. Yep, the best part about this formula is that it smells super fresh, almost like shampoo, so your hair doesn’t just look freshly washed, but also gives off a glorious scent.
The big question is: would I try it again? Although I saved so much time getting ready each morning (which my bf was extremely thankful for!), I probably wouldn’t skip the suds for an entire week again, four to five days max. Why? By the end of the week, my hair felt course and extremely dry. Plus, let’s be honest, nothing feels better than a freshly washed scalp.

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