Health guru Madeleine Shaw on food, fitness, & meditation

The London-based nutritional health coach, cookbook author and yoga teacher talks exclusively to Amodrn.

Madeleine Shaw is the London-based nutritional health coach, cookbook author and yoga teacher who is re-shaping the way people think about food, fitness, and healthy living. Her delicious recipes are founded on the ideas that healthy eating should be uncomplicated, based on wholefoods and full of flavour. Having released her first bestselling cookbook, Get The Glow a year ago, Madeleine’s second book Ready, Steady, Glow, is now set to be released.
Here, Madeleine shares with us what we can expect from Ready, Steady, Glow and how the time she spent living in Australia influenced her ideas on health and wellness. 

Congratulations on the release of your second book! What can readers expect?

Thank you! The book is a practical guide to healthy living. It is broken into two sections, fast weeks and slow weekend. The fast weeks are all 30 minute and under meals, each recipe specified how many minutes it will take to make. It’s perfect for when you want dinner on the table pronto after a long day at work. The slow section is for the weekend when you have more time to make that slow roast, that soup or desert. There is also lots of particle lifestyle tips to enliven the hottest, happiest and healthiest you.

How would you describe your approach to healthy eating? Is there a specific nutritional philosophy you adhere to?

I don’t believe in one diet for anyone. I’m not vegan nor am I paleo; I just focus on eating whole foods. I don’t cook with refined sugar or wheat but always focus on packing in the flavour and making food taste delicious. I believe that food effects how we feel, look and think. I absolutely love food it’s my first passion. I want people to eat more veggies; we don’t get enough of them. I also feel that its not just about munching on kale, it’s about eating mindfully, moving and meditating daily.

Madeline ShawWhat does a typical day of eating look like for you?

Breakfast – Has to be eggs, an omelette with peas, chilli and avocado
Lunch – Roasted sweet potato salad with buckwheat, kale, hemp seeds, grapefruit and a citrus dressing
Snack – Almond butter out the tub.
Dinner – Chicken and cashew coconut curry with cauliflower rice and sugar snaps.

You have also recently released your own app – “Glow Guides”. Can you talk us through the idea behind it?

There are lots of transformational programs out there but none of them are holistic or in an app form. I’m on my phone all day and I love having the app there for inspiration. The app is broken into three pillars, move, munch and meditate. Over the 8-week program you get daily video workout or yoga classes, shopping lists, meals plans and meditations. Its very visual and packed full of tips. The best part of the app is the community wall; people can share their struggles, transformations, questions or just a picture of their food. Everyone is very supportive and helpful to each other, plus I do a live stream once a week to check in with everyone.

What are your favourite ways to workout? Do you have a specific training regime?

I love yoga; it makes me feel strong and relaxed. I usually do it 3-4 times a week, plus I walk lots. I’m always running around London.

Madeline ShawHow did your time spent living in Australia shape your approach to
health, wellness and food?

Yes I moved there for 4 years when I was 18, I miss it so much! It totally changed my life; the biggest thing I learnt was that it’s not about a diet but a lifestyle. Aussies are healthy every day, not just for summer. It’s probably because summer is all year around but I loved how wellness was cool. How people loved eating well. My time there is the reason I am doing what I do now. 

Where are some of your favourite places to eat out in Australia and in London?



What have been some of the more challenging aspects of building up your business? And what advice would you have for others pursuing a career in the health and wellness space?

When I wrote my book proposal for my first book I got lots of rejections, no one thought healthy eating was going to be a trend, however you can’t focus on these things you have to back yourself an believe in your message. Remember there is only one you and you will bring something different than no one else can. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, there are so many people who need help to get healthy so stop deliberating and go do it.

Quick Questions:

First thing I do in the morning:

Have a cuddle with my boyfriend

Last thing I do at night:

Belly Breathe 

Most people probably don’t know this about me, but:

I used to be in love with Mr Bean

Best piece of advice I’ve ever received:

There is only one you and you will do something that no one else can.

If I were an animal I’d be:

A monkey

I never leave home without:

My phone, laptop and chargers

I’m inspired by:

Long walks in the park, it clears my head and allows inspiration to flow

My guilty pleasure is:


My pet peeve is:


Madeline Shaw, interview, London, Ready Steady Glow

Madeleine Shaw is the author of Ready, Steady, Glow published by Hachette Australia on 26 April 2016, RRP $45.00.


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