Is this new organic sports drink worth the hype?

With just three ingredients, WellWell is designed to keep your crossfit-yoga-marathon-self hydrated the natural way.

WellWell, organic sports drink

If you’re guzzling Gatorade post-workouts like tequila shots on a Saturday night, then you know something’s up. You’ll eventually discover that, just like tequila, it’ll leave you sore the next day, but much like every weekend, we never really do learn from our mistakes.
Most energy and sports drinks on the market nowadays are packed with ingredients we’re not too sure about, and are sometimes too questionable to pronounce. We’ve got our trusty coconut water, but what if there was something specifically designed to keep your crossfit-warrior-yoga-marathon-self hydrated the natural way?
Introducing: WellWell. Alongside restaurateur and entrepreneur Michael Chernow (from NYC’s The Meatball Shop), Sagan Schultz has used his sommelier skills and expert tastebuds to develop this organic, anti-inflammatory drink, which is designed to enhance any active lifestyle. The formula is (thankfully!) quite simple: Organic Tart Cherry + Organic Watermelon + Biodynamic Lemon.
In case you’re not doing the happy dance yet, let’s break it down for you. Behold, fitness fanatics, the formula to nutritional hydration at it’s finest:

Full Strength Organic Tart Cherry

Aside from the well-known fact that tart cherry is a powerful and extremely potent antioxidant (known to help cure issues with sleep), it’s anti-inflammatory components make it very effective for muscle damage recovery (and we’re thinking some other lady related issues).

Organic Watermelon

If bananas and tomatoes had a love child, then watermelon would still have more potassium and lycopene to rival the wannabe hybrid. The L-citrulline in watermelon helps deliver nutrients to the muscle = less soreness. Enough said.

Biodynamic Lemon

Lastly, lemon is your friend and should be carried around with you like a favourite accessory. It’s a well-known secret that drinking a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice first thing in the morning does wonder to your body and mind. WellWell’s biodynamic lemons pack a hefty dose of vitamin C and flavonoids that’ll have your immune system revved up at peak performance. No more seasonal sniffles and flu’s for you.
Need we mention it tastes amazing? The flavour was a priority for Schulz, and since his income relies on his taste-buds, we’re sure to trust him in that department.
Schultz and Chernow told Well+Good, “We’re not just putting ingredients together and saying, ‘These are probably good for you.’… We live the life of this product: We’re athletes, we’re active people, we’re both entrepreneurs, we’re both running around town like mad men constantly, and the benefits of WellWell help us out in a real way.”
Something tells us that the crazy New York lifestyle they lead is a good reason to believe their intentions. With a healthy lifestyle in mind, WellWell is on the road to … well, wellness (sorry, we had to).
If you’re state-side and already thirsty, you can head on over to their website and locate your nearest hydration station. You’ll thank us later.

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