3 reasons why every girl should try basketball

Let’s be honest ladies, who doesn’t want to have ultimate control of a ball in their hands?

Before you roll your eyes and say that basketball is just for the guys, think again!
You may have heard of Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry, but have you ever considered picking up a ball yourself? Basketball is widely touted as the best sport to build mental toughness, socialise, and burn calories (without even thinking about it). And let’s be honest ladies, who doesn’t want to have ultimate control of a ball in their hands? (wink, wink, if you know what we mean)
All jokes aside, no matter your age, race, height or athletic ability, basketball is a sport that every girl MUST try. Well, at least once that is.

3 reasons why every girl should try basketball

For your mental health

Basketball is great for your mentality, on and off the court. Many coaches admit that the game is (for the most part) in your head. You need to think of what you’re doing, what you will be doing next, your opposition and where the ball is on the court. Don’t let this put you off – your brain will thank you for it. Any excuse to push your limits and put your (great) multitasking skills to the test! Basketball is also the perfect outlet for stress – run your heart out on the court, forget about work and get rid of some (or a lot of) steam if needed.

For your social life

Whether you are playing for your school, university or local area there’s always new faces to meet and people to play against. Picture yourself surrounded by friends playing a game that is fun, exciting and never the same – what’s not to love? You are almost guaranteed to meet friends you will have for a lifetime. Sharing a common interest in a sport is one thing, being on a court with your best friends, protecting them and covering their back if they get knocked down is another. Best friendships are made on (and off) the court.

For your confidence

Sometimes its fun to get down and dirty. You’ll soon learn (and love) to sweat, especially considering an hour of basketball – the ultimate form of interval training – can burn up to a whopping 800 calories depending on intensity. Think the beep test crossed with sumo squats all game long – let it burn!
Need one more reason to convince yourself to try it? It’s our Broadsheet cover girl Kayla Itsines’ favourite sport.

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