You'll find the finest groceries at Singapore's Little Farms

Produce comes only from trusted farmers and artisans.

Little Farms, Singapore

I recently had an inspiring trip to a gourmet supermarket, whose name could very well embody the idea of healthy living: Little Farms.
Acknowledging the advantages of starting small and offering a more customised and personalised experience, this establishment is anything but little. Housing mostly Australian brands, the shelves of products and produce are lined up in visually pleasing orders. The assortment is shaped by a keen insight into the food retail industry; combined with knowledge of prevalent food-associated health concerns. Rather than curate based on consumer demand, what sets this grocery retailer apart is not just the obvious aura of freshness the store emanates, but the fact that they lead the charge by changing what a discerning shopper would typically experience and buy, empowering them with different choices instead.
In terms of ambiance and store design, they have it down pat; be it gluten-free, organic or preservative-free, that fruitful well has also been tapped. Since identifying the demand for clean and ethically sourced food in Singapore, Little Farms has become the platform for bringing the freshest, healthiest and finest groceries from trusted farmers and artisans, along with its promise of exceptional service. Their aim: to discover and share knowledge and products that meet uncompromising standards. In line with the company philosophy, the products they look for are farmed according to sustainable principles and in harmony with the environment. Produce come from farmers they know personally, and with whom they share similar values.
With the firm belief that the chain of goodness begins with healthy soil and ends with happy, healthy people, it is no wonder the store has patrons that keep coming back. Taking a mindful approach to healthy living and inspired to make each day a little healthier, Little Farms will soon have their website ready for online ordering come mid this year.

Little Farms

Little Farms, Singapore

Address: 491 River Valley Road, #01-20, Singapore 248371

Trading Hours: Mondays – Fridays 7.30 am – 9.30 pm


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