Gluten-Free Veggie Burgers You'll Want To Make Every Meatless Monday

You have to try these protein patties!

Black bean Veggie Burgers, Helga's Gluten-Free Gourmet Rolls

Since we read about the benefits of following a plant-based diet, we’ve been trying to cut the cow, so to speak. And while, we’ve certainly reduced our intake, we haven’t gone cold turkey. (Why would you think meat is on our minds?).
Nevertheless, we have been sticking to Meatless Monday and really enjoying it. Not only do we set the week with an intention, it’s been a great excuse to experiment in the kitchen. We’ve tried a flavoursome kale and chickpea scramble from Lola Berry, next-level stuffed capsciums from Taline Gabrielian and several moreish pastas. So today, we’re having burgers.
Thanks to the chefs at Bar Luca and Chur Burger, we have a delicious veggie burger to try. It’s packed full of black beans and quinoa for protein and sprinkled with spice for flavour. Plus, for all the coeliacs who thought they’d be left out, it comes on a GF bun and has no flour in the patty. Bon appetite!

Captain Blackbean Burgers

Serves 6
Prep: 40 minutes + overnight for resting | Cook: 25 minutes



2 tins black beans, drained and rinsed
1 cup cooked quinoa
½ tsp smoked paprika
½tsp ground cumin
1 brown onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 jalapenos, chopped
1 bunch coriander, chopped

Pico de Gallo

2 tomatoes
1 red onion
½ bunch coriander
1 lime
½ tsp cumin
salt & pepper

To serve

6 Helga’s Gluten Free Gourmet Rolls 5 Seed
2 avocados
Green oakleaf lettuce


  1. To make the patties, place the garlic, onion, jalapeno & black beans in a food processor and pulse until crushed
  2. Fold through the cooked quinoa and spices and chopped coriander, season to taste
  3. Press the mix into six even sized patties and place uncovered in the fridge overnight to dry out and set
  4. To make the Pico de Gallo, dice the tomatoes, onion and coriander. In a medium mixing bowl combine all the ingredients and the juice from the lime. Season with salt and pepper and set aside
  5. Halve the avocados and slice into fans
  6. Heat a non-stick frypan over a medium-high heat, dip some paper towel in oil and use it to grease the pan/grill. Gently place the patties salt side down onto the pan and cook for five minutes each side until browned and heated through
  7. Split the Helga’s Gluten Free Gourmet Rolls 5 Seed and place them cut side down onto the grill to toast
  8. Place the lettuce on the bottom of each bun and top with the patties, place an avocado fan on top of each patty and finish with the Pico de Gallo

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