Stuck In A Beauty Rut? Follow These 7 Instagram Accounts For Inspiration

Hit 'refresh' on your beauty routine.

Whether it’s a bold, red lip or winged liner, we all have our signature beauty looks. Because we do them so often, they only take a minute to do and are a fail-safe option. The only problem is, it’s easy to get stuck in a beauty rut when you do the exact same thing every. single. day.
Beauty is never meant to be boring — it’s meant to be a form of creative expression! This means occasionally venturing out of your beauty comfort zone and trying something new. If you’re in a makeup rut, there’s a good chance you just need a dose of makeup inspiration. Luckily, these 7 beauty Instagrammers serve it up in spades!

7 Beauty Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


Want to learn how to nail that glowy, ‘I just had a facial’ base?  Rachael is your go-to girl. The pro makeup artist’s skin is always so luminous, you’d be forgiven for assuming she woke up like this! Luckily, the stunning Aussie features plenty of bite-sized tutorial videos on her Insta, so we can all look like walking angels too.
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Don’t let the name fool you: this account is anything but boring. Run by makeup artist and photographer, Robin Black, this Instagram is perfect for anyone who wants to break out of their beauty rut. Think bold lips, bright statement eyes and plenty of easy-to-follow videos showing you how to do everything.
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Think of this account as your bible for evening makeup looks. Whether you’re going on a date or on a ladies night out, your girl Maryam has you covered. Not only is the gorgeous New Yorker ahmaaaaazing at what she does, she’s hilarious and her personality shines through in her tutorial videos.
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A photo posted by E L L A R I E (@ellarie) on

There’s no need to fork out a small fortune for a makeup class to learn complicated techniques like baking, strobing or contouring. Thanks to beauty genius Ellarie, you can learn them for free in 15 seconds. Her videos are speedy, but extremely easy to follow. We especially love her tutorials on gorgeous ombre lip looks.
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It’s no secret that bold brows are having a serious moment right now. But if you’re not naturally blessed with full eyebrows, it can be hard to know how to fill them in with makeup without resembling Sandy Cohen from The OC. Thankfully, if there’s one thing iconic beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills does well, it’s eyebrows. Follow their Instagram account for plenty of quick tutorials on how to groom yours to perfection.
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A photo posted by Mari Maria (@marimariamakeup) on

We’re calling it: Mari Maria has the most beautiful long, red tresses in the world. Her account is an absolute goldmine if you’re looking for hair styling inspiration. Girls blessed with freckles will love this Instagram too, as she shows you how to work with them without completely covering them up.
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A photo posted by Chloe Morello (@chloemorello) on

No list of beauty bloggers would be complete without mentioning the incomparable Chloe Morello. While she’s mainly known for her YouTube account (nearly 2 million subscribers can’t be wrong!), her Instagram account is equally inspiring. As well as giving us a glimpse into her amazing life, the stunning makeup guru also shares plenty of awesome beauty tips and tricks.
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