Get to These Emerging Travel Destinations Now—Before Everyone Else Does

They're about to be *huge*.

If you like to travel, you probably have a (seemingly endless) bucket list of cities you want to visit. We’re betting Paris, New York City, Hong Kong, Waikiki and Tokyo rank pretty high on most lists. Don’t get us wrong; these spots certaintly live up to the hype, but if you’re looking for a less touristy holiday option, you’re in luck.
Here, find five of the best little-known travel destinations. You might not have heard of these stunning spots, but they’re well worth the visit. Click through the gallery below for the scoop!

The Azores Islands

Azores, Portugal, travel, lifestyle, holiday, vacation
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The Azores, a group of nine islands some 800 miles off the coast of Portugal, are considered some of the best kept travel secrets. Picture dazzling blue lakes, verdant green pastures, volcanic caverns, natural hot springs, and cascading waterfalls.


Montenegro, travel, lifestyle
Image: iStock

Love Croatia (or any other country in the Med)? You’ll swoon for Montenegro. Expect miles and miles of white sandy beaches with few tourists, inexpensive hotels, local wine and seafood, and picture-perfect promenades.

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands, travel, lifestyle, Norway
Image: iStock

If the outdoors is your thing, then head to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, where whale watching, fishing and spectacular hiking trails await.


Viñuales, Cuba, travel, lifestyle
Image: iStock

Havana may be considered the new Tulum, but Viñuales is touted to be the next big hot spot in Cuba. The New York Times has even dubbed it “the real Cuba,” thanks to the lush natural landscape, pastel houses that dot the village, and fresh, local cuisine.

Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia, holiday, travel
Image: iStock

Located off the coast of Sorong in Indonesia’s West Papua province, the Raja Ampat Islands are largely uninhabited and blissfully remote. Spend your days island-hopping, hiking, and snorkeling.

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