One Of Your Favourite Aussie YouTubers Is Releasing A Fitness Guide

Get ready to shred it with Sarah's Day.

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We have to admit that we have a little soft spot for Aussie YouTubers. Chloe Morello, Britney Lee Saunders, Lauren Curtis…there’s just something about our country’s down-to-earth attitude that just translates so well on the ‘tube.
Our love of local YouTubers extends to the fitness world, too. And at the top of our list of fave fitness YouTubers is the perpetually bubbly Sarah’s Day. With her ripped abs, perfect tan and long blonde locks, it would be easy to hate the Sydneysider out of pure jealousy. But as soon as you watch one of her videos, her boundless enthusiasm and goofy sense of humour shines through—and you can’t help but love her.
Sarah started her YouTube channel back in 2013, to share how she cleared up her skin after coming off the pill. Since then, she’s been sharing candid videos about her health and fitness journey. One of our favourite things about Sarah is how relatable she is. Like many of us, she’s tried almost everything in search of the ‘perfect’ body—from calorie counting and going vegan to macro counting and heavy weightlifting.

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Now, she’s found a perfect balance in her paleo-based, intuitive eating approach and plyometric, body weight training style. She says it’s left her feeling healthier and happier than ever—and it shows through her glowing skin, smokin’ bod and huge smile. Naturally, her followers want to know exactly how she did it. And while her videos give viewers a snapshot into her healthy lifestyle, it seems only natural for Sarah to release a fitness guide.
After teasing her fans about a ‘secret project’ for nearly a year, Sarah has finally confirmed that she will be releasing her very first ebook, Sweat It To Shred It, on the 28th May. She revealed that the 8-week active lifestyle challenge will focus on showing people how to integrate fitness into their everyday lives by making exercise fun. While she’s tight-lipped on the details, knowing Sarah the ebook will be packed with healthy, yummy recipes, practical health tips and fat-melting HIIT-style workouts.

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For Sydney-based fans, Sarah is holding her ebook release on 10 am on 28th May at Crunch Fitness, 48 Druitt St, Sydney. The guide will be available for download from at the same time. You can check out the promo below.

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