24 hours in NYC with Kirsty Godso & Bianca Cheah

They visited the best fitness and wellness hotspots the city has to offer.

Twenty-four hours is nowhere near enough time in the city that never sleeps, but if that’s all you’ve got, we’ve got you covered. Nike Master Trainer and our not-so-secret girl crush, Kirsty Godso recently caught up with our very own Bianca Cheah in NYC to give her a tour of the very best fitness and wellness hotspots.
From her go-to coffee joint to the places she goes when she wants to sweat it out, keep scrolling for the inside scoop (in her own words)!

Kirsty Godso, Bianca Cheah, New York
Kirsty Godso and Bianca Cheah

Kirsty Godso on NYC

After spending the last few years traveling back and forth between NZ/Aus and the US, and testing the limits of border control, I finally moved to New York, visa in-hand in August this year. I’d spent a great deal of time in this amazing city prior to my move, frequently visiting my best friend Georgia for what we liked to call ‘Workout Week’. We would try and hit as many of the amazing boutique fitness studios as we could, often scheduling 2 or 3 different workouts a day. This always resulted in me extending my trip! I’d also spent a good deal of time in LA, NYC and Portland with Nike and many a vacation in LA and Palm Springs. So, my move was a rather natural transition.

What I love the most about NYC is the hustle and opportunity that is at your feet every day. I truly believe this city is the epicentre of the fitness industry with so many amazing boutique studios and fitness and wellness experiences on offer.

Whilst moving into the North America Nike team earlier this year, I also signed a contract with another dream company of mine, Equinox, working in the Special Projects team. Without saying too much, the projects are VERY special and you’ll know much more about them very soon. If you aren’t familiar with Equinox, you’ve probably rapped about them through some of Kanye’s lyrics or seen their provocative advertising.

One of the other things I love about being in the US is being much closer to my US Nike fam. They are such an inspiring bunch of characters, who are not only some of my dearest friends but also my daily inspiration.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss home a lot – especially the breakfast and coffee! I also have to admit that I force my family to FaceTime me with my cat Niko every second day. “Niko” also sends me emails daily – thanks mum! I miss the beaches in NZ and Aus and my beautiful friends. I even miss the simple things like driving a car.

This city never stops and will continuously surprise you. I’m currently spending my life savings between $40 reformer Pilates classes, organic supermarkets and shopping in Soho.

If you’re heading this way, here’s my NYC hit list:

SLT Reformer Pilates – Yes, it’s truly worth $40US a session.
Tone House – Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the intensity of this workout!
Chalk Point Kitchen –  The best farm-to table-meals (and cocktails!) in the city.
Equinox East 92 Street – This gym is magic!
Ground Support – Great coffee.
Two Hands – Amazing breakfast spot.

Adventure just outside the city to see some of the amazing landscapes for a hike or even skydive!
I spent many years wanting to move to the US and am so happy to finally be here. Like Nike said, if you really want something, JUST DO IT!

Kirsty Godso
Kirsty Godso at the Stanton Street basketball courts

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