5 Genius Tech Gadgets That Are Rocking Our World Right Now

They're changing the way we shop, sweat and save the world.

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It’s pretty crazy to think that less than 30 years ago, ‘the internet’ was just this crazy thing that only a select few people knew about. There was one clunky browser called Netscape (yep, this was pre-Google) and it took about 5 minutes to bring up 20 search results—and that’s if you were lucky! While this may seem laughable to us now, people back then believed this was going to be in the absolute pinnacle of technology.

These days, we know this is only the beginning when it comes to incredible technological advancements. Chances are, the next Google or Apple is merely a glimmer in some baby scientist-to-be’s eye. Seemingly every day a new device pops up that is set to make our lives easier in some genius way. Spanning health and fitness to fashion and beauty, read on for the 5 tech gadgets that are rocking our world right now.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit was the OG fitness tracker back in the day, but does that mean they’re going to rest on their laurels? Hell no! The wearable technology giants are constantly using consumer data and feedback to produce smarter and more user-friendly fitness trackers. And the Fitbit Versa is perhaps their best offering yet. It has all the cool features a fit girl on the go could possibly need—including 4+ day battery life, on-screen workouts, inbuilt music storage and contactless payment. There’s also a period tracking feature, which is set to revolutionise the way we experience shark week!

Shop the Fitbit Versa.

AUSFit Torsion Bars

Not all fitness technology has to be bright and flashy. In fact, sometimes the simplest things are the most useful and versatile. Enter, the AUSFIT Torsion Bars. Developed by Anthony Richardson, who served in the Australian army for 11 years, the bars were inspired by the pump bars used on the ships to exercise. Now, Anthony’s modern update is giving dumbbells and kettlebells a run for their money in gyms and fitness studios across Australia, being used for strength training, destabilisation exercises, balance and mobility work.
Learn more about AUSFit Torsion Bars.

Genome Power Pack

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You may remember a while back, we wrote about an app created by Australian medical research organisation, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and The Vodafone Foundation Australia that allowed you to cure cancer while you sleep. SO smart. Well, thanks to these legends, you can now help cure cancer while you charge—this time, with the Genome Power Pack. This handy device not only allows you to power up ur devices on the go, but 100% of the proceeds go towards helping Garvan research safer and more effective treatments for children with cancer.
The Genome Power Pack is now available from participating Vodafone stores.

Facebook Messenger

“What?!… Facebook Messenger is hardly a game-changing tech gadget!” you may proclaim. But bear with us—that trusty app you use to chat with your mates actually does a lot more than you may aware of. More and more businesses are jumping on the Messenger bandwagon to offer their customers more personalised shopping experiences. From Sephora’s service which lets you virtually road test that red lippy you’ve been eyeing to Nike’s virtual reality feature to help you pick the perfect pair of kicks, these bots are transforming the way we shop.
Learn more about Facebook Messenger.

F45 Lion Heart Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

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Let’s be honest, we all work that little bit harder when there’s a little healthy competition involved… even if it’s only with ourselves! That’s why we’re loving Aussie fitness chain F45’s latest innovation, the LionHeart Heart Rate Monitor. The gadget syncs up with F45 TV to give you real-time data about your heart rate and calories burned during your workout. It also has a points system based on how hard you’ve worked. The idea is to hit that magic number: 45! It’s just the thing you need to keep you going during those dreaded squat jumps.

Learn more about the F45 Lion Heart Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.

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