VANI-T: The Eco-Luxe Aussie Tanning Brand You Need To Put Back On Your Radar

For multiple reasons!

Image: VANI-T

Chances are you’ve heard of VANI-T. And even if you don’t recognise it by name, we bet our bottom dollar you’ve come across the Aussie beauty brand without even realising (especially if you’re an avid spray tanner—which, if you’re anything like us, have been since the age of 18).
Why are we so confident in assuming that you’re familiar with VANI-T? Because it was the very first company to develop a super effect rapid spray tan in a bottle—developing in 1-4 hours instead of the usual 8-hour timeframe. (Seriously, how good is it that you don’t have to sleep in fake tan anymore and ruin your bed sheets?!).

Image: VANI-T

Widely known for their award-winning tanning products (their Velocity Rapid Tanning Mousse took out the title for best-self tan mousse by Vogue in 2013 amongst others) and loved by Aussie A-listers including the Minogue sisters, Sonia Kruger, Erika Heynatz and Delta Goodrem—VANI-T is also hailed for their ongoing commitment to sustainability.
Now synonymous with eco-luxe makeup and cruelty-free skincare, the homegrown brand has expanded its offering from self-tans to everything from eyelash extension kits and self-tan drops (yep) which continues to fuse all-natural, native Australian active ingredients with recyclable packaging—ie. everything that we love here at Amodrn.

Established in 2004 by mum-of-three Tania Walsh, the company was driven by the belief that breakthrough science and organic skincare should, and do very well, go hand in hand. It was born out of the desire to provide women with premium products that not only look great, but are also great for your skin and the environment.
“There was a niche in the market when I first started VANI-T back in 2004 for high performance, natural and organic-based beauty products,” says Tania. “I was always conscious of what I put in my skin and wanted to offer the same choice for other women.”
Keep scrolling for some of our favourite (tried and tested) products across their tanning, cosmetic and skincare ranges:

Peptide Lift Anti-Ageing Crystals

You’ll see results almost instantly with this little miracle worker! It’s designed to plump your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. We’re obsessed!

Shop here.

Radiance+ Cosmeceutical Serum & Primer

This lightweight, skin-enhancing serum works as both a moisturiser and primer which creates the perfect, smooth canvas for makeup application.

Shop here.

Bronzing Custard Gradual Tan

Ideal for extending the life of your tan or used as a general moisturiser with the added bonus of a subtle tint, this cream smells divine and promises a flawless, natural glow.

Shop here.

Kabuki Brush

100% vegan-friendly, this super soft makeup brush is made from high quality fibres that blend powder evenly into the skin.

Shop here.

Visit for more!

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