Blue Wine Is About to Make Its U.S. Debut

gik blue wine
Image via Gik

Move over frosé, because a brand new drink is set to dominate your Instagram feed in the months to come. “Blue wine,” produced by the Spanish company Gik, originally hit the international market in 2016, but was entirely unavailable to the American audience. Until now. Cheers to that!
After running into some trouble with labeling terminology and regulations in Europe, the brand is set to kick things off in the U.S. Read: we’ll finally know what “blue” tastes like.
The wine, made with a combination of red and white grapes from vineyards across Spain, gets a special tech-enhanced touch that works to produce that majestic, almost mouthwash-like, blue color. The fruit juice is mixed with a combination of two organic pigments: indigo and anthocyanin, which is found in the skin of the grapes, and the two help to turn the wine into its sky-blue hue. Then, the addition of a no-calorie sweetener gives the drink a special aromatic note that makes it perfect for guacamole, sushi, or any other food and wine pairings, Gik notes.
While demand for the wine has been high since its original announcement — the company received more than 30,000 preorders for its nontraditional wine — it did run into issues bringing the product stateside. Earlier this year, Gik put its shipments on hold when news broke that they violated a Spanish regulation that notes that blue is not technically an approved wine color. The company was fined, but after changes, now lists its drink as “99% wine and 1% grape must,” and will be sold in the “Other Alcoholic Beverages” category.
Though the wine continues to be available for preorder (in bundles of three), lucky residents of Miami, Boston, and Texas, will be seeing the bottles coming to stores in a matter of weeks. And soon after, the company plans to further expand to New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California, and Nevada. We can all raise a glass to that.
“For us, Gik is not just a blue wine, but a revolution in the world of wine,” co-founder Aritz López, tells Eater. “We are confident [we can expand] quite fast.”
With more than an a year in the making, we’re ready for a brand new, and blue, antioxidant boost!
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