Your Summer Is Officially Sorted, Because Cocktail Popsicles Are Now A Thing

You’d be hard-pressed to find something that screams ‘Australian summer’ more than eating ice blocks by the pool or at the beach. Whether you were a Calypso kid or Frosty Fruit fanatic, it was practically an Aussie rite of passage growing up. But as we get older, our tastes change. Sure, we still want something cold and sweet to help us cool down, but beach parties with friends call for something with a slightly higher alcohol content.
That’s what makes IYC Pop, an invention by two savvy millenials, so damn genius. 23-year-old besties Chloe Kim and Isabelle Miller have created Australia’s first luxury cocktail popsicle. Crafted with high-quality artisan cocktails, the ice blocks come in delicious flavours like White Peach & Lychee Bellini, Black Cherry Amaretto Sour, Watermelon & Rosewater Martini and Summer Pear and Elderflower Mojito. There’s also an Espresso Martini flavour in the works!

If you’re the ‘mum’ of your group and are worried that the popsicles encourage irresponsible drinking, you’re in luck. The creators actually created the ice blocks with the opposite goal in mind. “We wanted IYC POP to encourage consumers to savour the flavour of a cocktail, to suck not skull. Due to liquor licensing laws in Australia, the ABV of each pop is only 1.15% and the flavours are purely inspired by classic cocktail recipes,” says co-founder Chloe. “The popsicles are NOT about getting drunk, instead, they’re a stylish product to enjoy and to be seen with, plus it’s a win for the designated driver of the group!” adds Isabelle.
It’s not hard to imagine the IYC Pop overtaking frosé as the most Instagrammable treat of the summer. A far cry from the neon packaging of Calypsos, the popsicles feature a sleek Instagrammable marble design. Currently, the IYC Pop has stockists across Sydney and are available online. The girls also have plans for world domination, with potential stockists in Bali, Manila and Thailand already knocking down their door.

We don’t know what’s more exciting about the IYC Pop—the fact that our favourite summer treat just got an adult makeover or that these two Aussie girl bosses are absolutely crushing it straight out of uni. Either way, we have a feeling it’s going to be our new go-to for balmy afternoons this summer! You can follow IYC Pop on Instagram here and buy them online here.

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