Black Kitchens Are Trending In 2021 — Why Are They Becoming Popular?

We dug into why this is becoming so popular in the world of design. Keep reading for more!

black kitchens trending
Image: Sven Brandsma via Unsplash

Kitchens are shifting away from the longtime classic white, and experts are welcoming a new color trend: black. Alyssa Clough, director of content and growth at Semihandmade, says that they’ve been seeing black cabinetry incorporated into new kitchens for a few reasons: The strong color choice helps to create a distinction between a kitchen and living area in an open-plan space without needing to put up any walls, and the black helps to create visual interest in a space that may not have stood out previously. We dug into why this is becoming so trendy in the world of design. Keep reading for more!

black kitchens trending
Image: Collov Home Design via Unsplash

Why is Black Becoming So Popular?

According to Architectural Digest, it may have a little something to do with the way kitchens in New York City are being designed. AD interviewed Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates, and this was her take. “In my opinion, black symbolizes someone who is passionate about design and who isn’t afraid to take risks. Aesthetically speaking, black tends to feel more sophisticated and formal depending on how it’s styled, but for me, that versatility is what’s most appealing. In my black kitchen, I mixed in rope chairs, crackled subway tiles, and old French pottery to take it down a notch.” It’s design to the nines and a super chic way to upgrade your home. Also, having black stand out in a neutral setting shows that there is a focal point in the room, now that open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular.

black kitchens trending
Image: Khloe Arledge via Unsplash

Black Goes With Everything

Black also goes with everything in design, as it does in real life! You can do black on black for a glossy finish. You can mix black and gold, black and copper! The possibilities are endless. Also, appliances and accessories tend to be silver or black, so it’s quite easy to see how you can blend together with your necessities and designs for a dreamy combination. If you’re not totally sold on the idea yet, you can try it out with small accessories. Try to find a chic black vase that you can incorporate into your counter space or dining table. You can also try some black plates or glasses to see if you want to commit to the trend later on, possibly when you’re doing a renovation and are looking to change things up!

According to Hungeling Design, there are many ways to add black into your design. You also want to make sure that if you are renovating, that you try to not pick something that will become dated quickly. Unfortunately, these days, design trends tend to turn over fairly quickly. For her, using the same combination of crisp white, black, and wood tones, looks totally on trend. To top it off, these interior design elements are totally classic.

We hope that we’ve somewhat inspired you to seek the dining space of your dreams. What will you do in your new kitchen?

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