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Why We’re Obsessed With Tiny Pretty Things Actress Casimere Jollette

With drama and dance at the forefront, it's no wonder why the actress is gaining the attention of many people worldwide.

By now, we’re all obsessed with the Netflix series, Tiny Pretty Things. In what many readers are calling Black Swan meets Pretty Little Liars, students at an elite ballet school compete to become the prima ballerina at the top of the ranks. In the show, Neveah, Bette, and June are the top picks to get the position. With drama at the forefront, it’s no wonder why this show is gaining the attention of many people worldwide. It was even one of Netflix‘s top shows this week! We’re obsessed with one of the show’s main characters, Casimere Jollete, and her unwavoring grace. Keep reading for more!

Why We Love the Star

Casimere has always been a talented performer. According to IMBD, she was a competitive dancer and national championship winner throughout her youth. Her passion quickly turned towards ballet and she began intense training at the Chicago Joffrey Ballet and American Ballet Theatre in New York City. All the hard work paid off immensely because, during her last year of competing in dance nationally, she won first place overall in the contemporary division at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix in Chicago. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in a blend of acting and dance. She was in a number of dance commercials, television shows, and was even the T-Mobile babysitter at one point.

The actress recently told Vogue that she has mostly been home since the series wrapped in December of 2019 (makes sense), fueling her creativity. She told the magazine, “My entire family plays, my brother’s a classical pianist. I started going to beading stores in Chicago, buying so many beads and pearls, and then I just started making jewelry for myself and my family and friends as gifts.” She’s also taken up a new hobby during quarantine, which includes making jewelry, which she learned on YouTube. We’re all frequenting the website these days for lockdown ideas, right?

Casimere Jollette’s Beauty and Fitness Routine

In a recent interview with Byrdie, Casimere Jollette broke down her fitness routine and the beauty routine she’s keeping up within quarantine. As far as working out, she says she built a miniature dance studio in my basement. “I have full-length mirrors, a Marley dance floor, and a ballet barre along with my yoga mats, yoga ball, weights, and everything else you could think of that would be in a dancer’s workout room. I give myself a ballet class and warm up in my dance space and then take a Sculpt by Emily class online. Sculpt is a great blend of dance, Pilates, yoga, light weights and has been my favorite way to exercise during the pandemic,” says the actress. As far as skincare, she told Byrdie that these are her staples.

To her, skincare is of the utmost importance. Casimere Jollette tells Byrdie that because of her sensitive and eczema-prone skin, she has to be very cautious about what she uses and puts on her face and her body. At the same time, being on camera makes her ultra-aware of having to have a good skincare routine. At the same time, she makes sure to keep herself mentally sane by dedicating some time to herself. If she’s feeling stressed, the Tiny Pretty Things actress resets with a bath, CBD, essential oils, and some good music.

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