wolf moon
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What in the World is the Wolf Moon and What Does It Mean for Next Month?

This full moon in Leo could bring out the dark side of egotistical Leo's tendencies.

How is your 2021 starting off? We’re feeling hopeful but also uneasy. After all, what else can you expect after the year we just had? There’s so much chaos in the world, and it has a little something to do with the fact that Jupiter and Saturn are causing an explosion of enlightenment, restlessness, and a flurry of new and exciting ideas to change the world. We’re on the cusp of a political and spiritual revolution, fellow zodiac believers. One thing that’s bound to kick it off is the Wolf Moon or the first full moon of 2021. What does it all mean for you? We here at Amodrn have put together a guide for you on the Wolf Moon and everything it entails. Keep reading for more on what could happen because of it!

wolf moon
Image: Javier Allegue Barros via Unsplash

What Does the Wolf Moon Mean For You?

This upcoming Wednesday and Thursday (depending on where you are in the world) is the first full moon of the year. It’s been called the Wolf Moon, the Snow Moon, or the Hunger Moon. It is part of the signaling of the Winter Solstice, and a sign that we are going to be emerging from the darkness of this season during the March 2021 Equinox. This moon is said to be full for several days and even look elongated! This full moon asks us to enjoy this peace, even though we might be sick of it at this point.

Winter is difficult for our physical and mental well-being. It makes us feel tired and unmotivated. However, the moon tells us that we as humans need to enjoy this period of hibernation. We are in-between feeling the weight of this modern world or the “go go go” attitude and what our ancestors did to survive this harsh period of time.

wolf moon
Image: El Salanzo via Unsplash

What Does This Moon Ask of Us?

This moon is in Leo, so it will be coming to its fullness with the attitude of its zodiac placement. You’ll feel your ego heightened, according to InStyle. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you currently feel in your life. If you’re satisfied with how things are going, you will feed that ego and in turn, be more generous and kind. If your sense of ego is lifted while you are feeling like you’re being treated in an unfair way, it can cause a sense of rage and anger. That being said, you need to claim what’s yours if you’re being wronged. You can also enjoy tooting your own horn if it is deserved, because well, you are worthy of praise!

If you didn’t look and review the past year at the end of 2020, this month is giving you an extended chance to do so. It shines a light on the gifts you’ve received over the past year and month. It’s also a good chance to look ahead and see if your goals for this year are being met. While it’ll either be a happy dance or a frustrating strut, it is necessary to take a good hard look at yourself. So what will it be for you? Remember, there’s always a light on the other side. Take into account what is happening in the universe and react accordingly.

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