Detox Your Home: Three Styling Tips For Creating A Healthier Living Space

The easy steps you can take right now to make your home your sanctuary.

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People are always asking me how I create beautiful spaces that make them feel so inspired and positive. Every time I style home there is a moment of surprise, unveiling energy that flows through the room, giving people a sense of calm and awe. The secret is in how so many intricate details tie together to give a space such a strong visual impact and exuberance. So many people don’t realize that our health, mental wellbeing and overall happiness are closely linked to our home environment. It’s in the way we style and design our homes and the way every room makes us feel. The wellbeing benefits of styling a healthier living space are essential to our everyday happiness. Here are three tips to start you off on your journey to a happier home.

Detox Your Home: 3 Styling Tips for Creating a Healthier Living Space

1) Let There Be Light

The benefits of letting natural light into your home are numerous. In our day-to-day lives, we’re bombarded with artificial light to an unhealthy degree – through our phones, laptops, televisions and display advertisements – all of which can negatively affect our sleep patterns and overstimulate our brains. This makes relaxing more difficult when we want to switch off. Using natural light through windows and skylights can positivity affect our moods and mental wellbeing. The use of light has even been linked to treating depression and normalizing sleep patterns. Try to give all spaces in your home enough natural light, and in darker rooms, use a warmer light source. You can even brighten the room with lighter colors.

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2) Create A Space To Calm Your Mind

Psychological studies on spatial priming suggest that how we interpret the space around us has an effect on our mood and productivity. De-cluttering in busier spaces is a great way to reduce conflict in your styling. It goes without saying that through being aware of a spacious environment, we can reduce anxiety and feel less claustrophobic.
In smaller rooms though, creating a feeling of spaciousness through textures, shapes, and colors. Mirrors can open up space and give a sense of vastness to an otherwise snug room. Neutral colors, pastels, and light tones are a great backdrop when colorful artworks and accessories are added to create a sense of depth. You can create the illusion of space by using lightly colored furniture and wall paints while utilizing color when you accessorize. A good tip is to use one or two dominant colors in a room and space the splashes of color around the space. Another good idea is to select furniture textures that offer both comfort and warmth in spaces you want to relax in.

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3) Create A Productive Working Space

So many of us are now doing some amount of work from home, either with our own businesses or working remotely. Despite this, most people don’t have a dedicated workspace in their homes. With so many stresses connected to the ever-changing nature of the business, it’s so important to have a work environment that gives you room to breathe, a sense of positivity and freedom from overstimulation. It’s all about creating a calm working area that doesn’t feel sterile or devoid of character. You should feel inspired when working, not confined.
It’s all in the little details that we don’t often consider when sitting down to work Whether you have a dedicated office or work in a shared home space, ensure that wherever you are facing isn’t a dark corner or plain wall. If you have a nearby window, that’s a great start – and if not, you can again create a sense of depth with artworks or mirrors. Adding house plants, stone accessories and water feature such a fish tanks break the walls between nature and the interior world, again giving the impression of space and removing feelings of confinement.
More importantly, makes sure that you have a comfortable, ergonomic seating set-up. Every little detail contributes to giving your home a sense of calmness, vastness, and inspiration. But don’t forget to include your own personal taste and vibrancy into your interior styling. That’s what makes a healthy home into your own haven.
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