Why Bioavailability Should Matter In Your Skincare Routine

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If the word ‘bioavailability’ doesn’t top your list of skincare concerns when purchasing a new vitamin C serum or moisturizer, we’d advise you to investigate the concept a bit more. According to PhaFix.com, “bioavailability is the degree to which a drug or other substance becomes available to the target tissue after administration”. What encompasses bioavailability may just also extend into the world of skincare.
Why would this matter when it comes to what you’re putting on your own dermis? Because bioavailability determines how much of an ingredient is actually being absorbed by your body, i.e. what’s just sitting on your skin versus actually going into it.
PhaFix.com says there are three factors are the sole gatekeepers between you and getting the most out of your skincare purchases. What is first determined is how much of an active ingredient is present. Second, what base carrier (water, oil, emulsifiers, etc.) is in the product and how it will help penetrate the skin. Third, we have to see if the active ingredients are small enough to effectively reach the epidermal layer. If the ingredients are too large, then the product will not absorb into the skin. According to Raconteur, nanotechnology is currently being developed where physicians are transforming active ingredients into nano-sized particles. These will then be put into skincare products, making them more easily absorbed because of their small size.
Because nanotechnology isn’t available quite yet, we put our hope in our favorite brands, They Call Her Alfie. Brainchild of Amodrn founder Bianca Cheah-Chalmers and her need for immediate, visible results from non-toxic ingredients. The best part: the BSX technology. The BSX is a new transdermal delivery technology that allows the skin to absorb and retain key ingredients faster and longer. This makes visible effects quicker and lasting.
Keep reading to see why we can’t get enough of this product line.
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Bioavailability Through BSX Technology

You purchase retinol to reap all of the benefits of vitamin A, but is it even getting through to your epidermal layer? According to the 2018 Hyaluronic Acid Matek Study, only 23% of the key active ingredients of your favorite skincare make their way this deep into your skin.
Alfie‘s difference is their proprietary BSX 8.1 technology, something that’s never been done before. Bianca teamed up with a slew of international scientists and formulators to uncover the science and ingredients that would smooth, tighten, firm, and plump, with visible results ASAP. This technology boasts a 200% better permeation and 300% longer retention than most competitors on the market today. Key ingredients immediately start working, providing an immediate change in skin appearance.

The Perfect Blend of Active Ingredients

Alfie‘s six key ingredients are power players in skincare.

  1. CBD: A naturally occurring cannabinoid that improves blood flow and a release in tension, another key to dewy skin.
  2. Sacha Inchi: A plant chock full of vitamins and sustaining amino acids.
  3. Orchid Stem Cell: A plant native to Japan and a bonus ingredient that induces rejuvenating growth factors in the skin. Say hello to important proteins like collagen I and elastin.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid: Hydration and elasticity’s best friend. HA is a bonus ingredient that holds and improve moisture.
  5. Marine collagen: Mainly composed of type I collagen, the building block for strong, flexible, and durable connective tissues, bones, and skin. It prevents sagging skin and helps natural collagen production in the skin, another component of a natural glow.
  6. Spilanthol: Made of Acmella oleracea, this component of Alfie’s skincare line is basically natural Botox. It helps reduce muscle contractions and relaxes facial features, thus reducing fine lines.

Passion For Saving the Earth … and Everything Around It

They Call Her Alfie is not only cruelty-free, it’s (we don’t think you’re ready for this list) … Non-toxic, vegan (its Firming Serum and Pulse Point Serum do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients), non-GMO, and fragrance-free.
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Image: They Call Her Alfie

Be sure to check out why CBD skin serums are the anti-aging elixir of our time here.
Visit www.theycallheralfie.com for more!

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