This Is The Best Yoga Mat If You're Serious About Yoga

Plus, what to look for in a good quality yoga mat!

Best yoga mat
Image: Alo Yoga

Investing in a good quality yoga mat is more important than you think. Slipping and sliding while you’re trying to master downward dog is not only distracting, it’s simply just annoying. Below are some of the key things you should look for when purchasing a yoga mat and why Alo Yoga’s Warrior Mat gets Amodrn’s big tick of approval for the ultimate sweat-proof practice.

1. Grip

Ensuring your mat has a sturdy grip will enable it a) to stay in place on the floor and b) make it easier for you to transition between poses with ease. Go for a natural rubber backing like the one found on Alo Yoga’s Warrior Mat for the perfect amount of cushioning. The non-slip surface works to draw moisture away which also makes this a great option for hot yoga.

Best yoga mat
Image: Alo Yoga

2. Material

What your yoga mat is made from dictates its texture, grip, how it yields to pressure and ultimately, how it wears over time. Alo Yoga’s Warrior mat is toxic-free and boasts anti-bacterial properties as well; which is super important as we all know by now that yoga mats can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned properly or regularly. Eco-friendliness is another key feature to look out for and as a general rule of thumb, try and opt for PVC-free.

best yoga mat
Image: Alo Yoga


3. Thickness

Depending on what type of yoga you’re into or how advanced you are, the thickness of your mat is an extremely important element to consider. If you’re one for headstands or more complex moves, the Alo Yoga Warrior mat has the perfect thickness for all of the above. And, if you enjoy more of a Savasana, well it’s perfect for that, too!
“I’ve tried my fair share of yoga mats, and the one that I’ll always pull out at a yoga class is the Alo Yoga Warrior mat. I like how grippy and thick the mat is and it works for me and my practice ” — Bianca Cheah, Founder of Amodrn.
Shop the Alo Yoga Warrior Mat here and visit for more!

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