How To Reap The Benefits Of Yoga As A Non-Yogi

Incorporate the practice into your everyday life.

kate kendall yogi yoga life in flow
Photography © Amanda Prior.

Think yoga, think Kate Kendall. The Sydney-based yogi (who taught the practice to Amodrn founder, Bianca Cheah) has just released a new book, Life in Flow, and it’s a must-read if you struggle with mindfulness or you’re seeking more balance in your life.
Speaking to both yogis and non-yogis alike, “Life in Flow is a term I use to describe a state in which you are living in presence,” author, Kate Kendall, tells Amodrn. “A place where you are most intuitive and creative and where you feel everything, skim over nothing and greet the world around you with an operand playful heart.”
The inspiration behind the book itself came from Kate’s own personal experience with burnout after opening her own business and it acts as a gentle reminder to slow down and live in the moment.

kate kendall yogi yoga life in flow
Photography © Amanda Prior.

“It actually came from my own mess,” shares Kate. “Plus, with yoga being more popular right now than ever before, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that yoga is so much more than the shapes we make in an hour on the yoga mat. Instead, it’s a way of life and provides gentle, ethical and harmonious suggestions for showing up fully in this life.”
To celebrate the launch of her new book, we asked Kate to share her favourite ways to achieve a Life in Flow regardless of whether you downward dog or not:

1. Practice daily

“I always say that discipline creates freedom and it’s in the small things like early nights more often than not to get as much sleep as possible, choosing the wholesome heart salad over the hamburger and being conscious of our words and the effects they are having on others. It’s also about saying ‘no’ when you’re stretched too far and reprioritising joy and all of the things that put you in a joyous state.”

2. Create daily rituals

This can be anything from meditation to simply taking a few conscious breaths in the morning to start the day or a walk in the park. Something that creates space for you to get grounded and feel ‘at home’ in the body. Also, be disciplined enough to carry out these rituals consistently.

3. Be conscious of your connection with others

What are the words you’re using? Are you gossiping? Are you speaking your truth? And when you’re listening to someone else, are you truly listening without thinking ahead of what you might say next. Letting someone truly be heard is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone.

kate kendall yoga yogi life in flow
Photography © Amanda Prior.

4. Reprioritise joy

Remember what makes you happy and make space for that in your every week. Never underestimate a friend who gives you a great belly laugh.

5. Take a breath

A conscious breath is your best friend. In any moment you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to notice your breath (and you can do this anywhere). It doesn’t have to be a deep breath because that can sometimes stress your nervous system some more but rather a conscious one.

6. Take the practice of yoga with you into your corporate roles and responsibilities

It’s now more than ever that we need to infuse the practice of presence as well as compassion and kindness into our workspaces.
kate kendall yoga life in flow
Life in Flow by Kate Kendall, Photography by Amanda Prior, Murdoch Books RRP $35.
Purchase your copy here.
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