Here’s What You’ll Find In The Kitchen Of Active Yogi, Kate Kendall

The new mum dishes her kitchen staples!

Kate Kendall Dishing with Amodrn

Welcome back to #DishingWithAmodrn! This week the lovely Kate Kendall, AKA @activeyogi—Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic and now, a brand new mum—gives us a real-life peek—yep, nothing staged for the ‘gram—of her fridge and pantry.
Passionate about teaching the art of slowing down, Kate’s approach to yoga is down to earth, light-hearted and fun. Does this love of simplicity spill over into her kitchen and eating habits? Let’s find out! Plus, be sure to check in on our IG page @sporteluxe for some exclusive video footage straight from Kate herself.

First thing in the am, what is your go-to wellness food/drink you consume?   

So simple. It’s a glass of warm water to get the digestive fire burning. Why warm? Because it’s a little more ayurvedically sound for my constitution.

What is the weirdest thing in the name of wellness that you have consumed?

I’m pretty simple when it comes to health. To me a superfood is an egg. A superfood is broccoli. But there is a strange smoothie combo that tastes incredible and it’s using purple cabbage in my smoothie with frozen blueberries, celery, spinach leaves and coconut water.

If you could pick 3 foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Calamari, coconut yoghurt and crispy skin salmon… but not together.
dishing with sporteluxe kate kendall

What food habits do most people not know about you?  

That I have a ‘thing’ for sesame snaps and gummy lollies. And aside from that I eat really simply. I think we can over complicate our diet in the pursuit of health. One of my favourite dishes is steamed veg mixed with hummus (to make it creamy), avocado and either tuna or crispy skinned salmon. So quick and so easy.

What is your spirit vegetable?

Lemon squash. Love the stuff.

Name your No. 1 must-have in your kitchen. 

Coconut oil.

Fav healthy beverage?

Avocado Lassi—a recipe I got from Lee Holmes’s Gut Healing Protocol Diet. Avo, ice cubes, coconut water, coconut milk and some stevia.
kate kendall dishing with sporteluxe

Go-to guilty pleasure?

Red wine.

Bedtime snack?

At the moment being pregnant it’s good to get some extra calcium in so I’m loving warm milk and honey with a peppering of turmeric. I take it to bed and read.

If we looked in your fridge now, what’s the first thing that we’ll see?   

A lot of fruit. And my family eats a lot of it. I often call my partner, Andrew, ‘Fruit Bat’, because he eats so much fruit and I often find myself falling asleep at night only to notice he’s slipped out of bed to go to the fridge and gorge on fruit. But hey—there are worse things to be gorging on, right? Oh, and you’d also find beer and hummus. 

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