Sydney's Flow Athletic Has Banned Plastic Bottles—Here's How Co-Founder, Kate Kendall Lives An Eco-Friendly Life Outside The Studio

Conscious beauty is one of them!

kate kendall
Image: Flow Athletic

Here at Amodrn, we’re all for brands (big and small) doing what they can to do good by the environment. We recently wrote about how Aussie activewear label, Nimble turned 94,300 plastic bottles into clothing this year, and how this training shoe by adidas is helping save our oceans through their campaign in conjunction with Parley.
The latest business that has jumped on board to pave the way to a more eco-friendly life is Sydney’s very own Flow Athletic, who have just launched their first sustainability campaign—starting off with the ban of single-used plastic water bottles within the studio.
“The yogis believe that what we do to ourselves, we do to others,” says Kate Kendall, co-founder of Flow Athletic.
“What we do to each other, we do to the planet and we can use the philosophies and practices of yoga to be more connected and mindful individuals that add to the collective consciousness in progression towards a cleaner, more cared-for environment. We can all make a difference, today.”
As part of their overarching campaign, Flow Athletic aims to make the following longterm changes:

  • Bring 44k single-use plastic bottles down to zero
  • Bring 30k of water down to 10k
  • Use 1/4 tonne of paper opposed to 2 tonnes
  • Use 6 mega watts of power opposed to 10

As of September 1, Flow Athletic will stop giving away water bottles as a free service. Although everyone is highly encouraged to get on board with the cause, clients are welcome to make their own choices and bring their own bottles. The studio has also added new water fountains for easy refill.
In line with the new campaign roll-out, we sit down with Kate Kendall as she shares with us ways in which she herself is dedicated to sustainable living:

Take-away aware

I’m definitely a ‘Work in Progress’. I have days where I forget my keep cup and the glass jar I keep for take-away smoothies, but I’m certainly becoming more organised and remember to pop them in my bag for when I need a sneaky coffee or smoothie on the run. When you think about, over time, all the plastic lids used on take away coffee cups plus single use straws for smoothies and containers—it adds up. And when I think about the materials I’m saving, it feels good! Perhaps even a little addictive in the best possible way.

Pick it up

Besides the fact that littering is literally inexcusable, I’ve recently taken on a habit that’s been inspired by my partner who’s always picking up rubbish. Imagine if we all picked up just one piece of litter around us each day. Small act. Big results.
flow athletic
Image: Flow Athletic

Conscious beauty

I recently had a chat to Mukti Organics founder, Mukti, for my the Space Between podcast and I’m astounded by her knowledge and wisdom on beauty products as well as a little taken back with some of the potentially damaging products that most women are using on their skin, myself included. I’m taking first steps to be more sustainable with beauty products by swapping out my current lipsticks for the non-toxic and with more thoughtful packaging.

Recycle smart

At the moment my family is on boot camp training for recycling. It’s all about separation and I’m trying to convince them all we should start a worm farm and compost… it’s proving to be a ‘baby steps’ kind of operation.
flow athletic
Image: Flow Athletic

Morning ritual

Okay, so this might not seem like I’m directly affecting the environment through my morning meditation but I take what I call, ‘ 3 Conscious Breaths’. The first is for those globally—may everyone in some way be affected by my actions of awareness today (even those I don’t know on the other side of the globe). The second is for those locally—those I come in contact with today; may they be felt by and encouraged by my conscious choices. And then the third is for me. May I stay aligned and aware in my choices, words and actions. I regularly teach this at the start of the yoga classes I lead also.

Honouring the elements

Getting out into nature frequently is a way for me to remember our connection to all things and that when we hurt ourselves, we hurt others and the environment. Just one hour immersed in the sand, bush or park can have a truly healing effect. This effects the way I approach people and the choices I make over the days that follow. Try it. It’s profound.

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