Forget Coffee—Here Are 8 Energising Yoga Poses To Help Kickstart Your Day

An easy-to-follow sun salutation.

yoga pose
Do you find yourself constantly exhausted? You are not alone. 85% of Americans surveyed by YouGov stated that they felt poorly rested at least one day each week.
Our culture’s non- stop mentality offers us little time to relax and recharge. Instead, we tend to reach for artificial energy in the form of sugar or caffeine. Really, we are neglecting to take take care of ourselves in the most basic ways. Can you imagine what life would be like if you felt vibrant and fresh all day long?
When you feel energized, you become clear, focused, productive, passionate and have more to give to those around you, both in work and in your personal life.
The good news is that positive and refreshing energy comes from within and is not as unattainable as you may think. One way to tap into your body’s natural energy resources is to move. Exercise has been shown to improve mood and yoga has the added benefit of bringing breath and mindfulness into our movement.
Next time you hit a mid-day slump that leaves you feeling fatigued and down, step away from your desk and do a simple series of 3-5 sun salutations instead of reaching for a latte.
Sun salutations are nature’s best energy booster. It is an ancient practice that connects you with your breath, stretches your whole body, sharpens your mind, raises your vibration and clears energy blockages.

Mountain Pose

yoga pose
Start in mountain pose with your hands at you heart center.

Upward Salute

Inhale as your sweep your arms to the sky.

Standing Forward Bend

yoga pose
Exhale as you fold forward.
Exhale and slowly fold forward from your hip joints, lengthening the front of your torso.

Half Standing Forward Bend

yoga pose
Inhale rise to your fingertips and flatten back.

Plank Pose

yoga pose
Exhale bend your knees, plant your palms flat and step of jump back to plank pose.


yoga pose
Slowly lower your elbows so that your upper arms are parallel with the floor.

Upward Facing Dog

yoga pose
Inhale as you roll over your toes into Upward Facing Dog. Lift your knees and thighs away from the floor.

Downward Facing Dog

yoga pose
Exhale roll your toes and draw your hips back in to Downward Facing Dog. optional—take a few round of breaths here.

Back to Mountain Pose

yoga pose
Exhale, bend your knees, step or jump up to the top of your mat.
Inhale, sweep you arms all the way overhead, and exhale to the heart.
You can find more energizing yoga flows, along with recipes, mindfulness practices and self-care tips in ENERGIZE by Celebrity Yoga Teacher Claire Grieve, a 98-page ebook dedicated to bringing a natural vitality back into your life. Follow @claire_grieve.

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