We Take A Look Inside The Kitchen Of Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer

Keeping things green, from fresh smoothies to pistachio macarons.

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer

Welcome back to #DishingWithAmodrn! Today we’re going inside the kitchen of Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer – medical doctor, beauty and wellness expert, best-selling author and founder of vegan luxury skincare line, Schique Skincare.

Whew, that sure was a mouthful! This multi-hyphenate is on a mission to enhance the lives of a million women by helping them look and feel more beautiful. As you’ll seeDr below, Jacqueline Schaffer loves to keep things simple and fresh from the fridge to the pantry, though she does have a soft spot for French desserts (yep, a girl after our own hearts).

Keep on scrolling as Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer gives us a sneak peek of her stocked kitchen and real-life eating habits, and be sure to head over to our IG page @sporteluxe where she will be taking over to share a deeper look at what’s on her shelves… and why.

Alright Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, time to dish!

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer Dishing with Amodrn

First thing in the am, what is your go-to wellness food/drink you consume? 

Lemon water, and then a green smoothie with Tone It Up Protein (vanilla, one scoop) kale, spinach (one cup each), 1 1/2 cup of almond milk, and ice.

What is the weirdest thing in the name of wellness that you have consumed? 

Duck fat, we put it on artichokes.

If you could pick 3 foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

Raspberries, cooked leeks and almond butter.

What food habits do most people not know about you? 

I consume 40g of fiber a day.

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer

What is your spirit vegetable?  

Broccoli, the green flower that’s strong.

Name the No. 1 must-have in your kitchen: 

My Vitamix blender!

Favorite healthy beverage? 

GTs Kombucha, in the original flavor.

Go-to guilty pleasure? 

Creme brûlée and pistachio macaroons.

Bedtime snack? 

Coconut yogurt.

If we looked in your fridge right now, what’s the first thing we’ll see? 

A lot of kale and spinach and cooked leftovers.

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