Tone It Up's Karena & Katrina Show Us Their Favorite Arm Workout

If you’re one of the 5 million people obsessed with Tone It Up, you’re in luck—Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott just announced a 15-city tour that sounds ah-mazing. 

The Tone It Up Tour is gonna be incredible—every city will have a slightly different set-up, but participants can expect to enjoy super-sweaty workouts, killer music, beauty and wellness lounges, activities, entertainment, tons of rosé, and a few special guests. (Ever heard of a little trainer named Jillian Michaels?) See ticket details for each city, here. 

While they’re on the road, the ladies have to stay in shape somehow—here’s a sneak peek at what they do to keep it in the “Tone It Up” zone all the time.

As Karena and I prep for the Tone It Up Tour, we’ve been counting on each other more than ever. We work out together, make our Lean, Clean’ N Green lunches, and text each other throughout the day…if there’s ever a day we’re not standing next to each other! Last week I texted Karena, “Let’s do an arm workout!” I was feeling like working my upper body & Karena is arm GOALS. A lot of you know that when Karena and I first met at the gym, I immediately noticed her strong, sculpted arms…and then asked her on a workout date 😉

A strong upper body helps us stand tall with beautiful posture! And BONUS ~ when you stand with gorgeous posture, you activate your core for tummy toning effects too! Now let’s get flexin’!”

Move 1: Single Leg Deadlift + Upright Row

15 Reps on each side
– Sculpts booty, hamstrings, core, biceps, and upper back

Move 2: Hammer Curl to Press

10 Reps
– Tones biceps & shoulders

Move 3: Curtsy Lunge + Tricep Extension

15 reps on each side
– Tones booty, quads, and triceps

Move 4: Bicep Curl

16 reps
– Sculpts biceps

Move 5: Single Arm Row to Press

30 reps on each side
– Strengthens postural muscles and tones biceps, shoulders, and upper back

Move 6: Rear Flys

20 reps
– Strengthens postural muscles and tones upper back 

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