Nine Eyeshadow Palettes That Make Us Feel Like We're In Euphoria

colorful eyeshadow rainbow palette
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It’s been a couple of weeks since the television show Euphoria completely stole our hearts, and to be quite honest—we’re still not over how glam each character’s face looked. Each and every Sunday, we continued to be blown away by the bright and colorful makeup on Zendaya, Barbie Ferreira, and Hunter Schafer. With Alexa Demie and makeup artist Donni Davy using a mood board filled with the likes of Showgirls and Nina Simone, how could they go wrong? Along with fellow makeup artist Kirin Rider, a phenomenon and cult following grew at hyper speed—a sea of bright, flashy looks were all over our newsfeeds and saved pins, practically overnight. 
Don’t get us wrong, we’re definitely here for glitter, crazy lashes, and the occasional gluing of a few pearls on our eyelids. But we think the best Euphoria starter pack begins with eyeshadow that’ll step up any makeup look.
Below, we’ve rounded up the best of the best eyeshadow palettes that’ll keep you standing out through the fall! 

1. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette ($65) 

huda beauty desert dusk eyeshadow palette
This palette screams ‘Euphoria’ and nothing else. From its glittery browns to its intergalactic turquoises, there are about a million and a half reiterations of the show you could create. With immediate color payoff, you have 18 (yes, 18) shades in four unique textures: glitter, matte, shimmery pearl, and chrome to pay homage with.
Shop here.

2. Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 ($48) 

eyeshadow palette natasha denona
A smokey, sultry eye look is done perfectly with Natasha Denona’s Eyeshadow Palette 5. These shadows pair together on skin seamlessly, and the formula is super-pigmented, blendable, and extremely long-lasting.
Shop here.

3. Lime Crime Venus XL Ii Eyeshadow Palette ($56) 

Lime Crime Venus XL Ii Eyeshadow Palette
Whimsical and romantic are the theme of some of the characters on the show, and what better way to embody Jules than by using Lime Crime’s Venus XL Ii Eyeshadow Palette? 18 all-new shades on top of four rich, buttery-smooth formulas? Matte, metallic, foil and sheer iridescent shades galore? Say no more.
Shop here.

4. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Naked Heat ($54) 

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Naked Heat
The OG eyeshadow palette still reigns supreme, and we’re looking forward to using this guy forever. This amber-hued neutral eyeshadow colors will be used for any sort of firey look.
Shop here.

5. Pat McGrath Mothership III: Subversive Palette Eyeshadow Palette ($125) 

Pat McGrath Mothership III: Subversive Palette Eyeshadow Palette
Mother Pat McGrath’s products could solely be used on the set of Euphoria, and we think that the Mothership III Palette is ideal for even the most grandiose of makeup ideas. Violets, blues, and greens saturate the lids while matte neutrals help fade the outer corners of any completed look.
Shop here.

6.MAC Girls Qween Supreme Palette ($41) 

MAC Girls Qween Supreme Palette
With MAC’s Girls Queen Supreme Palette, we’re easily able to go big or go home. A neutral eye look is achievable, but if you really want to go for it, you can pack on a brighter shade and impress. Bonus points for the highlighter included.
Shop here.

7. The Crème Shop So Shady Eyeshadow Palette All Day Every Day ($15) 

The Crème Shop So Shady Eyeshadow Palette All Day Every Day
If you’re more of a Cassie, try on the Crème Shop’s So Shady Eyeshadow Palette on for size. This to die for collection boasts four easy to wear eyeshadows that are a mix of shimmer and matte. Easy to apply, fast, and buildable—we’re always ready to put on a natural glam. 
Shop here.

8. Morphe 39S Such A Gem Artistry Palette ($35) 

Morphe 39S Such A Gem Artistry Palette
32 shades of bright pinks, stunning purples, and gorgeous neutral shades fill this palette. We love that there’s some fun glitter included, making spicing up your look take no time at all.
Shop here.

9. Revlon ColorStay Looks Book Palette 910 Player ($6)

Revlon ColorStay Looks Book Palette 910 Player
Finding the eyeshadow to recreate Maddy’s iconic game night makeup was no easy feat to accomplish. Thankfully, Revlon was able to take us from 0 to 100 with their ColorStay Looks Book Player Palette. The highly pigmented formula builds an intense color payoff all while maintaining a smooth texture. The best part? 24 hours of wear.
Shop here.
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