A PT Shares Her 7 Favourite Moves To Lift Your Butt

Sick of squats?

Squats, lunges, deadlifts … I bet that’s what you were expecting when you opened this article—they’re the language of a perky behind. But after 12 reps, 4 sets, 3 days per week, they can get a little, well, repetitive.
Believe it or not, squats aren’t the only way to build a booty. There are a number of effective exercises that seriously work the glutes. Plus, it’s not all about fitness—your diet is important, too. Protein is required to build muscle so no matter how much time you spend under the weights rack, if you’re not consuming enough protein (or carbs for that matter), nothing’s going to grow. Once you’ve got your diet in check, having a library of effective butt exercises at your disposal will put you on track to the derrière of your dreams.
To help us out, we’ve reached out to personal trainer, Heather Robertson. She’s compiled her seven favourite butt exercises and turned them into a short but sweet sweaty 15-minute workout. While it’s designed to be done at home, it requires a resistance band and a stability ball. We’d recommend picking them up to add to your equipment but if the ball is as big as your apartment, modify the moves by taking it out. The ball will challenge your balance, forcing you to switch on other muscles but the exercises can be performed on the floor sans bounce.
So, what are you waiting for? You’re 15-minutes away from Kimmy K…kind of.

Loved this workout? Try Heather Robertson’s four-week leg and glutes program. For more great glutes exercises, try these. 

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