10 Cropped Sports Bras That Are Flattering for Every Shape and Size

Bellybuttons are back, apparently.

According to The Cut, belly buttons are back.
But if you’ve been following fitness fashion for the past year, you know that cropped bra tops have been hot for a while. Cult-fave activewear brands like Outdoor Voices popularized the matching crop-and-bottom combo a few seasons ago, and ever since long bra tops have gained some serious traction.
We love them because they make dressing easy—no shirt, no problem!—offer a little more coverage for bustier ladies, and are super fashion-forward. But it can be tricky to find a cropped sports bra that fits just right; if it’s too tight and hits the wrong spot on the waist, the style can dig in uncomfortably and cause unflattering bulging (even on pure muscle!).  But a loose-fitting top doesn’t offer enough support … which sort of defeats the purpose.
Here’s the thing—you should love your body no matter how it looks. But we know that even the most body-confident women can get thrown off if they feel like their clothes don’t make them look their best. So how do you find a cropped bra that works for your body and suits your athleisure needs?

  • Look for tops that have wide waistbands. The wider the band, the more evenly displaced the pressure is on your torso, and the less likely it is to dig into your skin.
  • Make sure it hits at the right spot—it depends on your body shape, but for most people a top that hits just below the ribcage is ideal. This cut will flatter your natural waist.
  • The wider the shoulder straps, the more support the bra will have. You can wear a cropped bra for everything from yoga to HIIT, as long as you’ve got the right support. For high-impact sports, wider shoulder straps are better. If you’re smaller on top or are just doing some light-impact work, you can get away with a spaghetti strap bra.

Heroine Sport Tread Bra

via bandier.com

Bandier.com, $85.00

LNDR Yoga Sports Bra

via bandier.com

Bandier.com, $80.00

Varley Bandini Crop Bra

via bandier.com

Bandier.com, $65.00 

Phat Buddha Maiden Lane Bra

via bandier.com

Bandier.com, $85.00 

Michi Medusa Bustier

via bandier.com

Bandier.com, $195.00 

Outdoor Voices Venus Crop

via outdoorvoices.com

Outdoor Voices, $60.00 

Athleta Plunge Bralette

via athleta.com

Athleta, $54.00 

Athleta Be Bold Bralette

via athleta.com

Athleta, $59.00 

lululemon Sweat Your Heart Out Bra

via lululemon.com

lululemon, $68.00 

Nike Seamless Light Support Bra

via nike.com

Nike, $39.97

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