This Is How To Build A Bigger Booty, According To A Pro Fitness Model

Hint: It involves less kale and more carbs.


Whether you blame it on the Kardashians or the original bootylicious babe, Beyonce, it’s all about the backside these days. While ‘body goals’ used to mean becoming as slim as possible, now the preferable answer to “does my bum look big in this?” is “yes.” Now, we would never suggest you try to fit into the ever-changing body ideals for women. But there’s no denying that having a perky rear is a good look — and usually a sign that you’re strong, healthy and muscular.
Howeer, some people find that no matter how many squats and lunges they do, their stubborn booty refuses to grow! So, do the less genetically booty-blessed among us just have to accept the fact that we’ll never have junk in the trunk? Or is it something we can change?
We decided to ask WBFF Bikini World Champion and Oxygen Magazine cover model Rachel Dillon (who happens to be known for her well-rounded backside) – can you build a booty? Here’s what she had to say.

Hell yes! Of course, genetics plays a role to a certain degree but I do believe you can change the shape of your booty and body in general. This is the beauty of weight training. So many girls are afraid to pick up weights but this is the only way to change, grow, minimise, shape and sculpt your body to your liking. With the correct training and nutrition you can 100 per cent grow a booty – I’ve seen it and experienced it firsthand.

Rachel’s top booty-building moves

What to eat to build your booty

Girls, if you want to grow a booty you need to be consuming enough fuel for your body, the way you train and your goals. You can not and WILL not grow a booty if you eat kale for 6 meals a day. Eating less is not the key to growing your glutes. You need to include all macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) as well as a diet rich in micronutrients. The majority of girls who come to me for help aren’t eating enough food! If you are trying to grow you do need to ensure you are having enough calories to facilitate growth. No, you won’t grow a booty on 500 calories a day. Food is not to be feared, it is fuel!
The key here is to ensure you’re eating enough protein and you also need to stop being afraid of carbs if you want to grow the glutes. Carbs post-workout are essential here. I always recommend sipping on BCAA’S during training to ensure your muscles are fuelled and aren’t breaking down. It’s also a good idea to get a fast absorbing protein into your body post-workout.

You can follow Rachel on Instagram here and check out her fitness programs here.

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