5 New Fitness Studios You NEED To Check Out In Sydney

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Does your gym make you excited to turn up for each session (or at the very least, you don’t completely dread it?) Do you gel with the other people who go there? Is it a supportive and motivating environment? Do you like the tunes they play there?
If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions — then girl, it’s time to find a new gym. Because life is too short for crappy workouts. Especially if you live somewhere like Sydney, where there seems to be a gorgeous, innovative fitness studio on nearly every block!
Here, we’ve rounded up 5 of our new top picks. Whether you’re a water baby, adventure junkie or someone who needs a lot of variety, we’ve got you covered with our favourite new fitness studios.

Cycology Club

You know that high you get when you’re running/cycling/doing burpees perfectly in time with the beat of the music? That’s what Cyclogy Club is all about. Described as Australia’s first ‘rhythm riding club,’ the 50-minute workout fuses indoor cycling with choreographed strength routines. With its thumping beats and neon lighting, it feels more like a nightclub than a fitness studio — but rest assured the only buzz you’ll be getting is an endorphin high!
Address: Cycology Club, 350 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Find out more about Cycology Club.


We’re going to go out on a limb and guess you’ve never worked out in a church before. But thanks to Fit1, that may be about to change. The newly renovated boutique fitness studio is situated inside a beautiful converted church in Rose Bay. There are two types of workouts for those who worship at the altar of fitness — the 45-minute hybrid Fit1 class (a blend of HIIT and resistance training) and fat-shredding boxing sessions.
Address: Fit 1, 96 Newcastle St, Rose Bay
Find out more about Fit1.

Team Protocol Adventure Centre

If you’re someone who just can’t bear to work out inside a gym ALL of the time, this is the studio for you. Located in the heart of the CBD, Team Protocol Adventure is truly unlike any other gym in Sydney. In signing up, you not only get access to their super modern facilities and range of group fitness classes, but you can get involved in a range of outdoor adventures and military-style training exercises.
Address: Castlereagh Fitness, 199 Castlereagh St, Sydney
Find out more about Team Protocol Adventure.


Like the full-body workout you get from stand-up paddleboarding? Then you’ll LOVE FloatFit. They run classes all over the world but recently started operating out of the iconic Andrew Boy Charlton pool in the Sydney CBD. During the 30-minute aqua fitness sessions, you’ll build some serious strength and balance (don’t worry — the floats are self-balancing but you’ll still need some core stability to stay afloat) while looking over the gorgeous Sydney Harbour.
Address: Andrew Boy Charlton, 1c Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney
Find out more about FloatFit.

Gym 115

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If you like having variety in your workout regime, look no further than Gym 115. You’d be hard-pressed to find a studio with a more extensive range of group fitness classes than this new wellness centre in Randwick. Their timetable is packed with more than 50 sessions, ranging from yoga, Pilates and barre to HIIT and TRX. There’s also soon-to-be-launched dance and callisthenics classes, a run club and much more. The best part is — it’s ALL included in your membership.
Address: 115 Avoca St, Randwick
Learn more about Gym115.
Check out more boutique fitness studios we’re loving in Sydney right now!

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