5 Healthy Foods & Drinks That’ll Help You Sneak Probiotics Into Your Day

Your gut will love you for it!

Image: @sunsol_muesli + @coyo_organic

Probiotics are live microorganisms or ‘beneficial bacteria’ that when consumed, offer a plethora of benefits primarily associated with improved gut health. As Hippocrates once famously said, “all disease begins in the gut” and it’s this concept—as well as the idea that the gut is our ‘second brain’—which supports the fact that probiotics are also extremely beneficial in addressing other concerns such as mental health and skin conditions.
With a growing interest in the benefits of how probiotics can improve many aspects of health, chances are you’re already making an effort to ensure they play a part in your daily diet. Perhaps you take a probiotic supplement or enjoy foods such as yoghurt, sauerkraut, kefir or kimchi on the regular. Whilst these are both great options (let’s face it, nothing beats the real deal), as busy gals on the go, we understand that there may be times when reaching for something a little more convenient (and in the case of sauerkraut, a little less messy) might be the answer.
For those times, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite probiotic-rich food and drink items that’ll help you sneak the benefits of probiotics into your day without even realising it. Disclaimer: I’ve taste-tested all of them and can confirm, YUM.

1. Sunsol Muesli

A great breakfast or snack option for any time of the day, the Sunsol PRO-biotic toasted muesli range features the organic probiotic GanadenBC30, which supports digestive and immune health. Filled with more than 10 delicious ingredients including chia seeds, oats, puffed amaranth, probiotic dark chocolate pieces (yep!) cashews, pepitas, cinnamon and sunflower kernels, simply add your choice of milk for a well-balanced meal or get creative with raw treats. For recipe inspo, click here.
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2. Coyo Probiotic Yoghurt 

Containing live cultures including Bifidobacterium and L. Acidophilus, Coyo’s Probiotic natural coconut yoghurt is a delicious and creamy way to get your daily dose of friendly gut bacteria. Add to smoothies or simply enjoy with berries and a drizzle of honey for a healthy sweet treat.
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3. Imbibe Beauty Renewal

Not only is Imbibe’s Beauty Renewal elixir rich in probiotics, but the bio-fermented concentrate also has a delicious berry flavour thanks to the inclusion of elderberry mixed with grapeseed and pomegranate. If you struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, try adding this to your bottle, we promise it’ll make it easier for you to hit your daily quota!
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4. Remedy Drinks

As regular readers of Amodrn, no doubt you’ve heard us harp on about how much we love Remedy’s range of gut-friendly drinks. Their kombucha and apple cider-based switchel are both great ways to get your dose of probiotics, as is the Coconut Water Kefir (one of my personal favourites) which contains natural live cultures Saccharomyces and Lactobacillus.
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5. Beauty Bites by Krumbled Foods

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Although we still can’t decide on our favourite flavour, what we do know is that these Beauty Bites formulated by Keira Rumble (@krumble) have seriously revolutionised snack time. With less than 2.8g of sugar in each serve, along with both pre and probiotics, the perfectly portioned bars also boast benefits of collagen, vitamin A and vitamin C for healthy hair, skin and nails. Try them in white choc raspberry, lemon coconut and apple cinnamon.
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