5 Fool-Proof Ways To Help You Drink More Water Everyday

Because water is life, literally.

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As an undergrad nutritionist, I’m well aware of the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day. After all, the human body is made up of about 50-75% of the stuff and even though you can go weeks without food, the average person will only survive days without water—that’s how important it is!
Staying hydrated boosts brain function, helps with fatigue, regulates appetite, improves skin health, digestive health, counteracts fluid retention, prevents headaches, is vital for post-exercise recovery and can even assist in weight loss—the list goes on and on. 
But for some reason, even though all this is in the back of my mind, I really really struggle with drinking water—especially in winter. I call my fiancé the ‘Water Police’ because he is constantly reminding me to drink more water, so you either get yourself one of those or keep reading for small tweaks you can make to ensure you’re hitting your daily h20 quota of 2L/day (as recommended by health professionals). 

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1. Try flavouring your water

Find water ‘boring’? Try adding low sugar fruits and refreshing herbs like mint into your glass. Infusing water with things like strawberries, blueberries, lemon and cucumber can make you more inclined to sip on water throughout the day. Simple things like adding ice can also make your water more appealing.

2. Add a supplement

One of the advantages of being a wellness writer is that I get to try all things when it comes to newly launched health products on the market. At the moment, I’m loving Imbibe’s Beauty Renewal elixir. It’s a bio-fermented concentrate that’s rich in probiotics (great for the gut and glowing skin) and has a delicious berry flavour thanks to the inclusion of elderberry mixed with grapeseed and pomegranate. Vida Glow’s collagen powder is another Amodrn office fave!

3. Get yourself a fancy bottle

If you don’t have a bottle handy at all times, your chances of upping your water intake is almost near impossible (sidenote: if you’re at a cafe or restaurant, saying yes to table water is a great start). And we’re not just talking about any old bottle! Hydroflask and Sol Bottles are both BPA-free and look cute on your desk. If you’re really serious about, look for bottles that have you accountable. There are bottles you can buy from speciality sport shops that have the time marked on the side so you can set yourself little goals throughout the day and hold yourself accountable. Also, the bigger the better so you don’t have to fill up as many times (another factor that might hinder you from drinking water).

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4. Up your tea intake 

Water is water, yeah? Regardless of whether it’s straight from the tap or boiled for a cup of tea, it all adds up! Opt for herbal teas such as nettle and dandelion with also work to reduce fluid retention in the body. Oh and did you know that different teas are best consumed at different times of the day? To find out more about that, click here.

5. If all else fails, turn to food

Really sucking on the water front? How about incorporating more water-rich foods into your day instead? Fruit and vegetables like cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes and watermelon all have a high water content (95% +). Simply add to salads for bonus hydration points.

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