Coconut Water Kefir Is The New Dairy-Free, Gut-Friendly Health Tonic You Need To Try

Packed with probiotic goodness.

coconut water kefir
Image: Remedy

Last year, we were introduced to Switchel (an apple cider vinegar-based drink, that, dare we say, gives kombucha a run for its money). This year, however, there’s a new kid on the block—and something tells us it’s going to be your favourite yet. Remedy Coconut Water Kefir (ker-feer) is made with love out of the same kitchen bench that brought you Remedy Kombucha and Switchel.

What exactly is Coconut Water Kefir?

It’s fresh, it’s frizzy and it’s freakin’ delicious! But seriously, the best way to describe Remedy Coconut Water Kefir is that it offers the same benefits as raw coconut water, minus the sugar and with the added benefits of a traditional fermented drink.
It’s brewed in such a way that the natural sugars are removed through the fermentation process, leaving you with a no-sugar probiotic-rich drink that contains live cultures (which we all know is great for digestion and maintenance of gut health). 

coconut water kefir
Image: Amy Whitfield

Health benefits include:

  • Super hydrating and rich in electrolytes and minerals
  • Contains organic acids for improved digestion
  • Works to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Full of natural live-culture probiotics such as Saccharomyces and Lactobacillus

When to drink it:

1. After a workout

Coconut Water Kefir makes the perfect post-workout option as it helps hydrate and replenish electrolytes lost during perspiration.

2. If you’re craving sugar

Opting for a Coconut Water Kefir when you feel like something sweet will help satisfy those cravings thanks to its fizzy consistency. Even better, consuming it daily will help eliminate those cravings altogether.

3. With your next meal:

Enjoying a Remedy Coconut Water Kefir with your lunch will assist in digestion and regulate blood sugar levels so that you don’t experience that dreaded 3pm slump. It’s also fructose-free so suitable for people who may suffer from IBS!

coconut water kefir
Image: Amy Whitfield

Where can I buy it?

Remedy Coconut Water Kefir will be available online at and independent supermarkets, grocers and cafes from March 2019. It comes in three fab flavours; pure, lemon squash and passionfruit.
RRP: 330ml glass bottle: A$4.50
Visit to find out more!

This is a paid article by Remedy.

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