11 Tasty Taco Recipes To Make On Cinco De Mayo

Porque no los todos?

Have you ever been asked that question: if you had to live off one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be? For me, it’s easy. It would be Mexican. Don’t get me wrong, I love Japanese and Thai—even Italian—but guacamole, nachos, margaritas … how could I ever give that up?
In my eyes, the only problem with Mexican is deciding what to have. (I know, I know, “¿Por qué no los dos?” right?). But when push comes to shove, I always go for tacos. The slow-cooked pulled meats, the zesty pickled slaw and a refreshing dollop of guacamole, all cocooned in a soft tortilla.
If you’re also an avid taco eater, try these eleven recipes. Some are vegetarian while others are meat-filled. Either way, they’ll spice up your Cinco de Mayo.

11 Next-Level Tacos You Have To Try

Five-Spice Salmon Tacos

five spice salmon tacos, salmon taco recipe, jamie oliver salmon tacos
Image: Jamie Oliver

The salmon filling is a hidden gem in the taco world and this one from Jamie Oliver is particularly melt-in-your-mouth. When cooked to perfection, the pieces are succulent and spicy and go perfectly with the mint yoghurt and cucumber.
Get the recipe.

Slow Cooker Beef Carnitas

beef carnitas, beef tacos, beef taco recipe,
Image: Jar Of Lemons

If you like your tacos with a bit of a kick, you’ll love these beef carnitas from Jar Of Lemons. Drizzled with an avocado and lime dressing and sprinkled with feta, they’re spicy but fresh. If you don’t have a slow cooker, just make them in the oven.
Make them now. 

Funky Green Tacos

vegan tacos, vegetarian tacos, vegetarian taco recipe, vegan taco recipe, funky green tacos
Image: Earthy Feast

Honey glazed bok choy meets fried tofu and blistered shishito peppers in these funky green tacos. Throw in some quick pickles and drizzle them with homemade sauce, they’re the ultimate soul food.
Try these tacos. 

Grilled Chicken Tacos

grilled chicken tacos, creme de la crumb
Image: Le Creme De La Crumb

This is just a marinade, I’ll admit, but it’s delicious with just about anything. The chicken is juicy and tender, and pairs with most toppings. Try a fresh slaw and creamy guacamole.
Get the recipe.

Crispy Avocado Tacos With Sriracha Smashed Beans

vegetarian tacos, vegan tacos, health tacos, taco recipes
Image: What’s Cooking Good Looking

Stuffed with crispy, baked avocados and sprinkled with roasted radishes, this is a taste infusion you need to experience. Before you write them off as a strange vegan alternative, give them a go.
Make them now.

Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

Image: The Edgy Veg

If pulled pork is your numero uno choice on the menu, you have to get your teeth into these. Made with jackfruit, they’re a vegetarian re-creation that looks and tastes just like the original. Trust me, you won’t believe it’s not pork.
Try the recipe. 

Fish Tacos With Sriracha Aioli Slaw

haps nom nom taco recipe, fish tacos, fish taco recipe
Image: Hapa Nom Nom

There’s nothing worse than feeling sickly full after a taco session and you’ll be safe with these. They’re satisfying but light, have a fresh fish marinade and come with carrot and cabbage, all drizzled with a sriracha aioli.
Try them now.  

Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Tacos

cauliflower and chickpea tacos, vegan tacos, vegetarian tacos,
Image: Two Peas And Their Pod

Not a fan of cauliflower? Neither was I. But seasoned like this, I made an exception and I’m thankful I did.
Get the recipe.

Caramelised Pork Tacos With Pineapple Salsa

pork tacos recipe, pinch of yum
Image: Pinch Of Yum

Sweet. Salty. Spicy. You won’t know what you’re tasting but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Caramelised pork meets sriracha mayo and a zesty pineapple slaw in these moreish tortillas.
Try them out.

Korean Beef Tacos With Cucumber Slaw

korean beef tacos, beef taco recipe, pulled beef taco recipe
Image: The Brewer And The Baker

Korean tacos sound like a bit of an oxymoron and yet these Asian-inspired wraps are totally delicious.
Make them now. 

Blackened Fish Tacos

blackened fish tacos recipe, blackened fish tacos, fish tacos,
Image: Host The Toast

Blackened fish jumps into bed with a zesty slaw and avocado cilantro sauce and wraps itself in a blanket to create these cosy fish tacos. They’re somewhat spicy but the heat is mellowed by the creamy sauce and fresh slaw. If you’re not a fish fan, these will convert you.
Get the recipe.

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