11 Delicious Pizza Recipes That Are Actually Super Healthy

You don't have to wait until Friday night to treat yourself to pizza.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with pizza. Despite being someone who normally eats like a bird and complains “I’m full” after taking two bites of most foods, I turn into some kind of food-incinerating machine when there’s pizza around. Demolish an entire large pizza to myself is pretty much a weekly occurrence for me. I’m basically like the cookie monster, but with pizza.
There’s only one downside to my fave food: it’s not the healthiest around. Sadly, the combo of refined carbs and saturated fats you get from most takeaway pizzas isn’t exactly waistline-friendly. But just because pizza isn’t usually a health food, that doesn’t mean it can’t be. From cauliflower to quinoa, there are plenty of good-for-you bases out there you can use to make your own delicious pizzas. Here are some of our favourite healthy pizza recipes:

Cauliflower Margherita Pizza

Image: www.ourbestbites.com

If you want to pack some serious nutrition into your pizza night, this recipe from Our Best Bites is your friend. Cauliflower provides a perfectly crispy base, while the sliced Roma tomatoes and fresh basil will give you a healthy dose of vitamin C, folate and more! Oh, and don’t forget the melted mozzarella to up your calcium for the day!
Recipe here.

3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pizza

pizza, healthy pizza, paleo pizza
Image: pinchofyum.com

Is it just us, or is sweet potato the most versatile food ever? You can use it to make toast, pancakes and now, even pizza! The best bit about this recipe from Pinch Of Yum is how amazingly simple it is. As the name suggests, the base contains only three ingredients (sweet potato, rolled oats and one egg) and you can load it up with whatever toppings you like!
Recipe here.

Skinny Mexican Pizza

pizza, healthy pizza, healthy pizza recipes
Image: snixykitchen.com

Yep, you read that right: you can now combine pizza and Mexican night! We’re obsessed with this creative take on pizza from Snixy Kitchen. Not only is it gluten-free, it contains plenty of powerful anti-inflammatory foods like cumin, cayenne and paprika. What’s not to love about a pizza that fuses cultures, tastes great and is good for you?
Recipe here.

Healthy Chicken Alfredo Pizza

pizza, healthy pizzas
Image: pinchofyum.com

Chicken alfredo is normally associated with pasta, but it turns out it also goes perfectly on a healthy pizza! You may be wondering how Pinch of Yum managed to make a healthy version of creamy Alfredo sauce. Well, the answer is: cauliflower! Yep, the superstar veggies is good for more than just making pizza bases.
Recipe here.

Gluten-free Mushroom Pizza

healthy pizza, pizza recipe, healthy pizza recipe
Image: edibleperspective.com

Here’s one for the all the vegetarians out there! This recipe from Edible Perspectives uses a mix of gluten free flours to create a crispy base that won’t fall apart in your hand. The mushrooms add an earthy kick to your traditional Margherita pizza.
Recipe here.

Farmer’s Market Brekkie Pizza

pizza, healthy pizza
Image: lemonsandbasil.com

Always wanted to eat pizza for breakfast? Well, thanks to Lemons and Basil, now you can. This delicious pizza is the perfect way to sneak more protein and veggies into your day, without having to stick to egg white omelettes. We actually can’t think of a better way to start the day!
Recipe here.

Bacon and Pineapple Pizza

pizza, healthy pizzas
Image: eatineatout.ca

If you’re firmly in the camp who believes pineapple tastes great on pizza (represent!), you’ll go crazy over this mouth-watering recipe from Eat In Eat Out. Fresh kale puts a healthy spin on the traditional Hawaiian pizza.
Recipe here.

Wholegrain Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese Pizza

pizza, healthy pizzas
Image: ohthegoodies.com

Having the girls over for pizza and want to impress them with your culinary skills? Bookmark this recipe from Oh The Goodies, pronto! The wholegrain base adds a delicious nutty flavour, while the beetroot and goats cheese gives it some gourmet flair.
Recipe here.

Turkish Vegan Pizza

pizza, healthy pizza
Image: nourishatelier.com

Gone are the days when vegans had to steer clear of pizza. What this recipe from Nourish Atelier lacks in cheese, it more than makes up for in exotic, Turkish-inspired flavours. The combination of the spelt flatbread, spice-infused sauce and crunchy kale is heavenly!
Recipe here.

Caramelised Butternut, Kale and Fontina Pizza

pizza, healthy pizza
Image: halfbakedharvest.com

Looking for something different to bring to Christmas lunch this year? This festive recipe from Half Baked Harvest is the ideal combination of sweet and savoury. From the caramelised butternut to the pomegranate salsa, all the flavours work together perfectly.
Recipe here.

Mini Eggplant Pizzas

pizza, healthy pizzas
Image: immaeatthat.com

If you want all the flavours of pizza but without all the carbs, try this recipe from Imma Eat That. Instead of using a traditional doughy base, this uses baked eggplants as a vehicle for all the delicious toppings. This is a great one to make if you’ve got friends or family coming over: it will be like everyone gets their own healthy mini pizza!
Recipe here.

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