Sweet potato toast is now a thing

It seems orange is definitely the new black.

Sweet Potato Toast

Yes, after cockroach milk and cold pressed soft serve (as in, veggie ice cream), the latest innovation to reach the Amodrn kitchen is, quite literally, the best thing since sliced bread. Introducing: Sweet potato toast.

Sweet Potato…Toast?

You’ve probably noticed it populating your Instagram feed for some time now, and honestly, we wish we came up with this genius concept ourselves. As a result of not having any bread for her morning avo-on-toast, Little Bits Of blogger Kelsey Preciado decided to substitute the latter for whatever she had on hand. Fast forward to two rounds in the toaster, and you’ve got yourself slices of toasted sweet potato. Just slather on some nut butter or avocado. Brilliant!
The concept is gaining a lot of traction, partly due to it’s very photogenic features, but mostly because it makes for a really versatile and tasty, healthy snack. Sweet potato is a known nutritional powerhouse, famous for being the good kind of carbRich in fibre and antioxidants, it’s gluten free, paleo friendly and goes with just about anything.
If you take a peak on Instagram, you’ll find the almond-butter-banana combo or the avo-eggs-and-bacon as popular savoury and sweet options.

To create the toast, just cut about 1/4 thick slices and add to the toaster on high. Make sure you toast twice for both sides to cook through (toaster times may vary, no one wants to bite into crunchy raw potatoes!)

Need some inspo? Here’s a few topping ideas

Salty or sweet, let your imagination run wild. You can make it as easy or as creative as you like, just take a look at these mouth-watering snaps:

Avocado and hemp or almond butter and cinnamon

🌸 sweet potato toast 2 ways: guac/hemp + almond butter/cinnamon 💕 ft. flower power ✨
A photo posted by ASHLEY SAUVÉ, CNTP (@holistichealth) on

Coconut, grapefruit and pomegranate or yogurt and blueberries

 Tempeh and beetroot with avocado and cucumber

Smashed peas, fetta cheese and smoked salmon

A photo posted by Anniina (@anniinakngs) on

 Salty and sweet: truffle, honey almonds and talleggio

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