You pay to disconnect at this unique alpine lodge

No reception, no service, no bar, no restaurant.

No reception, no service, no bar, no restaurant. This is not a luxury hotel complete with state of the art facilities. Instead, Berge encourages guests to relax and unwind without interference.

The Concept

Nestled at the foot of the Kampenwand Mountain in Aschau, Germany, Berge is a completely self-catering lodge. It was designed by world-renowned furniture maker, Nils Moorman, and is in keeping with his minimalistic style – so much so that there is no Internet service, Wi-Fi or TV. At Berge, guests are encouraged to step away from the hustle and bustle of modern technology.
Excessive luxury is abandoned in favour of natural materials and a clean aesthetic. The design of the lodge reflects the way guests are encouraged to enjoy their stay – stripped back from bulk and excess, and uncluttered so that all that remains is the self. It was built to be a place where one can disconnect from the world and connect with those around you. It’s perfect for enjoying a glass of wine by the fire, a book on the back deck or a walk in the beautiful surrounds.

The Place

Comprised of 16 individual apartments, each is complete with a cosy kitchen to inspire the cook within. Most have room enough for two, although some accommodate for more (and two are pet-friendly). The sitting room is perfect for larger groups, with the chairs closest to the fire highly sought-after during the winter months. In summer, there is a cottage garden and deck for enjoying the warmth.
Once an old village bakery, then a youth hostel, the site was eventually left to rot. Moorman took great care in its restoration and repair. The attention to detail of the design was such that a single wall was knocked down and rebuilt three times for just a few centimetres difference. The result: a bed and breakfast that feels like a home.
There are many mountain retreats in the Bavarian Alps, but there are none quite like Berge.

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