This pet-friendly hotel has a mini bar for your pooch

Expect the whole shebang at the pet-friendly Pier One Sydney Harbour.

Pier One offer super luscious beds for your precious pooch

It’s that time of year when many of us are jetting off to Europe or some far-flung tropical destintion for a mid-year sojourn. However, many of us, like myself, have to hold the fort at home. That’s why I decided to treat myself to a staycation at the pet-friendly Pier One Sydney Harbour.
This home-away-from-home (read about my last stay here), is conveniently situated on Sydney Harbour (the views are unbelievable!) and offers ultra luxurious pet-friendly accomodation for pooches of all ages, sizes and breeds. Yep, furry friends, I think I have found paradise.
On arrival there was a luscious and super comfy bed, bountiful mini-bar, water bowl and some dry food for when I felt peckish – trust me, hangry Sporte is not pretty.
If you’re feeling like you need some fresh air, you’re in the perfect spot to go exploring. As for me, I took this opportunity for some “me-time” and soaked up the gorgeous sunshine and views in bed.
Pier One Sydney, Pet friendly hotel sydney
The Pier One mini bar for your dog

Later that evening, Mum, Dad and I headed to The Gantry Restaurant & Bar, which offers a seperate dog menu, free from citrus, onion and garlic to suit any appetite. I chose the grilled rump steak served on a bed of baby chat potatoes and broccolini. It was absolutely delish!
Not to mention, the service from the staff was above and beyond. I’d never been so pampered and loved before – I’m a sucker for a cuddle.

The mini bar for the dog contains:

  • A dog waste bag and dispenser
  • Club Dogue Deli Treats
  • Toys
  • Doggy perfume
  • Shampoo + conditioner

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