You Can Wear This Sweat-Proof Foundation To The Gym Without Breaking Out

It's a game changer!

sweat proof makeup

Whether it’s because we’ve rushed straight from work or just because it makes us feel more confident (you do you, girl!), most of us have worn makeup at the gym at some point or another. It’s usually a decision that ends in regret when our mascara and/or eyebrow products slide halfway down our face, or our foundation sweats off in unsightly patches. Or worse yet, when we’re greeted with a suspicious new batch of pimples a couple of days later. Yep, in case you missed the memo, wearing foundation when you work out is bad news for your skin. When we sweat, our pores enlarge. If our foundation gets into our pores it can block them, leading to pimples, blackouts and congested skin. Not fun!
sweat proof makeup
The good news is, we have a solution. One of our fave Aussie Eco-Luxe beauty brand, VANI-T, have a stunning mineral foundation powder you can wear to the gym without breaking out. Halle-freakin-lujiah! Virtually weightless, this pure ‘second skin’ micronised mineral formula is non-comedogenic—meaning it’s free from the pore-clogging ingredients that lead to acne.
It may be gym-proof, but make no mistake—this product is no ‘light BB cream.’ It can easily replace your concealer, foundation and powder, thanks to its impressive full coverage and flawless finish.  Not only does it effortlessly cover pimples and blemishes, but its concealing technology adjusts any unwanted undertones from the skin to correct all complexions. Great news for girls who turn into human tomatoes after doing burpees! It’s also water resistant, meaning you won’t sweat it off during your sesh.
The best part is, the VANI-T mineral foundation is actually good for your skin. Not only is it chemical-free and SPF 15,  but it contains Olive Squalene—an ingredient that has been called ‘nature’s facelift’ due to its potent anti-aging properties. And in case all of that wasn’t impressive enough, it comes in the most gorgeous packaging. The jeweled kabuki brush and rose gold powder case is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your beauty routine.
You can shop the VANI-T mineral powder foundation here and the kabuki brush here.

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