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Here Are 3 of the Beauty Industry’s Leading Women Founders We Love

Get inspiration from these inspirational people!

On September 22, 1949, four women founded the American Business Women’s Association to celebrate and bring together working women, and ever since then, the 22nd has been designated as National Business Women’s Day. In the beauty industry there are many inspirational founders, and to celebrate the women in beauty for National Business Women’s Day.  These leading women founders, CEOs, and inventors are reimagining the beauty industry one formula at a time! Here are four of the female founders we love. Keep reading to find out more about them and their brands!

Here Are 3 of the Beauty Industry’s Leading Women Founders We Love

1) Founder and Inventor of Palette by Pak: Kate Westad

women founders
Image: Courtesy of Kate Westad

This solo mom to four left her successful career in law to launch a sustainable beauty brand! With sustainability at its core and mission, Palette by Pak has a tight ecological footprint. From their packaging to the product, there is zero landfill waste here. This brand removes the need for ‘beauty travel minis’ aka ‘one and done’ plastic usage. Kate Westad, founder, and inventor found she was missing something two years ago. Imagine, it’s 12:05 a.m., the night before a soul-searching solo trip to Paris, and her luggage is out across her bedroom floor.

Exhausted from work but excited for her new adventure, she began packing. Her favorite beauty, cosmetic, and toiletry items were all lined up, but as she looked back and forth between her luggage and the big bottles and containers, she realized there had to be a better way to take them with her. At that moment, her product was born. Between her four children and her job as an attorney, Kate took her passion for beauty products and design and figured out a way to develop and manufacture this breakthrough product on her own.

2) YENSA Beauty CEO and Founder: Jennifer Yen

women founders
Image: Courtesy of Jennifer Yen

The Superfood Cosmetic, YENSA Beauty’s, mission has always been to embrace the diversity in the world today and to inspire women everywhere to face the world with confidence by following their “yen”, which means “deep desires and passions” in English,  “color and face” in Chinese, “calm and peaceful” in Vietnamese and “money” in Japanese. As a woman-owned beauty business, YENSA is always striving to empower and support women. YENSA was recently titled one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the U.S.

Founded by former Power Ranger Villainess and single POWERmom Jennifer Yen. The number 8 is regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture. It is a symbol that helps you make decisions that are beneficial to you and your life. Every YENSA product is formulated with 8 Asian Superfood Ingredients for high-performance, multi-tasking products that benefit your skin and soul.

3) Luna Bronze Co-Founders: Madeleine Balderson and Rhiannon Hall

women founders
Image: Courtesy of Luna Bronze

Made in Australia and now stocked globally, it is Luna Bronze’s vision to change the way you tan. By also uniquely putting skincare at the heart of their formulas, Luna Bronze has created a movement of self-tanners with the celestial confidence that comes from feeling divinely radiant, inside and out. All Luna Bronze products are natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free! The journey to create Luna Bronze’s skin-loving self-tanning range began after one of the founders experienced skin cancer. As former lifelong sun worshippers and beach lovers, this experience is the wake-up call the founders need to start looking after their skin.

Determined to maintain the bronze they felt so confident in, but without the sun, they looked to find the perfect self-tan to maintain their glow. The search was fruitless. Despite being lovers of being tan, nothing is worth the sun damage. The unknown consequences of slathering their skin with formulas full of chemicals are not great either. Intent on creating a product range that ticked every box, Luna Bronze came into orbit.

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