full moon in pisces
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There’s a Full Moon in Pisces Tonight — Here’s What to Expect

This sign will kick your honesty into high gear.

If you’re as into astrology as we are, then you may want to pay attention to the moon tonight. Full moons are markers of change in season, transits, and energy. This dreamy sign is one that will make you feel psychedelic. It’s all about fantasy, manifestation, and sometimes unrealistic expectations. There’s so much good that Pisces brings into your view. This sign will kick your honesty into high gear. We did some research so you can know more about what to do. Keep reading for more!

full moon in pisces
Image: Frosty Ilze via Unsplash

What Does the Full Moon in Pisces Mean?

A full moon happens when the moon and sun are opposite from each other. This time around, the full moon is in Pisces, so it is opposite the Virgo sun. This combination makes for you to be able to practically manifest your desires, dreams, and visions. During this time, expect things to be revealed, change, and crazy good things to happen, especially if you’re a Pisces. If you’re waiting on your hard work to manifest, it might happen during this time. This month is especially fun because Neptune is in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn, both in retrograde. These planets help move these along in a quicker than average time.

full moon in pisces
Image: Jake Weirick via Unsplash

What Can You Expect?

If you’ve been waiting on a miracle in work, life, or love, this may be the time it happens. There are many planets that are in connection right now, so these changes will be abrupt. Because Mercury is in Libra, we will have civil and important conversations about the reality of our relationships, for the better. This is regardless of the outcome. Learn about how you can manifest through your big three (sun, moon, and rising) and use affirmations to get what you desire. This is a great time to do so. This full moon in Pisces is many astrologers’ favorite of the year.

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