beauty trend predictions
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Here Are Our Top Beauty Trend Predictions for 2021

We've scoured the internet for this upcoming year's biggest trends

With the new year comes the industry’s predictions about fashion, beauty, wellness, and more. While the beginning of the year signals huge changes, we’re really unsure of what can top the year 2020. There’s so much we’ve had to adjust to with the pandemic, including maskne (a trend no one really likes). But as this year begins, there are a lot of other changes we think will take off, ones that are more about inclusivity, self-care, and broadening the range of beauty. We’ve scoured the internet for this upcoming year’s biggest beauty trend predictions and what we think will change in the aftermath of 2020. Keep reading for more.

Beauty Trend Predictions for the New Year

1) Going into the new year with a wider range of beauty standards.

For a year that opened our eyes to a lot, there’s a bigger range of issues that have opened up with the beauty industry and who they choose to represent brands. The industry still lacks diversity and representation, in BIPOC models, disabled populations, and those that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Sasha Louise Pallari, a make-up artist and figure in the fight to diversify social media told Harper’s Baazar the following, “There’s definitely been a huge shift within the industry over the last six months. I really hope it’s here to stay and grow and not just because it’s a trend right now, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve been online and seen influencers stating ‘without a filter’ or at least acknowledging them more. It means we’re heading towards a much more transparent place online and the benefits of that for women and young girls’ mental health will be prolific.”

beauty trend predictions
Image: Sinitta Leunen via Unsplash

2) Sustainability, for real this time.

With greater demand for climate justice comes a vision for the future. A clean climate doesn’t just come with the elimination of greenhouse gases but also being less wasteful. Beauty is fueled by our consumerism. Brands must become better at being less wasteful if they want to survive in the future. The public will demand answers about what companies are doing to help the climate cause. According to Harper’s Baazar, 73% of global millennials are willing to spend more on products from a sustainable brand.

beauty trend predictions
Image: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

3) Inclusivity for all!

With the 15% Pledge, #PullUpOrShutUp, and other campaigns making sure that brands are staying accountable in the fight against systemic racism, this year will be no different. It’s clear that being successful is being inclusive. Companies need to ensure that they are catering to all of the different and diverse populations of the world. There needs to be quality and quantity in all that we do, including how we use skincare, haircare, make-up, wellness, and more.

beauty trend predictions
Image: Jessica Felicio via Unsplash

4) Out there make-up (but is it really?)

In a world scorned by the pandemic, racial injustice, wrongdoing by the government, there’s a birth of creativity. According to many sociologists, life after a pandemic is usually pretty wild. It often becomes a period of time where consumerism and capitalism run rampant, but also where creativity blooms and thrives. Because of us being locked down, in quarantine, and unable to socialize, we become people that spew talent everywhere we go, including make-up. You can also thank masks, which protect us from the virus but also shield the bottom half of our faces. We only really have our eyes right now, but imagine what’ll happen when we don’t have to wear masks? Remember the make-up trends during the roaring twenties? Dark eyeshadows, thin brows, painted lips! What a time to be alive!

beauty trend predictions
Image: Eleanor via Unsplash


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