These 7 Black-Owned Beauty Brands Are CHANGING The Game

These are the brands paving the way for innovation in the beauty industry

Black owned beauty brands changing the space
Image credit: KNC Beauty

We’ve seen our country rally behind ending systematic racism and injustice over the past few weeks. We here at Amodrn stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and we have no intention of slowing our involvement. Through all the news, content, and peaceful protests, this has also been a time to support the black community. A small way to show solidarity is backing black-owned businesses and that includes supporting black-owned beauty brands.
We’re highlighting the industry disruptors – the brands that are paving the way in innovation for beauty. They’re re-classifying the beauty world and offering an empowering, diverse platform for all. These brands have held this belief from the beginning — they didn’t have to work to become inclusive — they already were and are.
Note, there are TONS of beauty brands that deserve our support, below is just a small sampling. We’ll continue to highlight brands through upcoming content.

Black-Owned Beauty Brand Disruptors:

1. Base Butter

Best known for their insanely hydrating Radiant Face Jelly, a balancing, lightweight moisturizer formulated with aloe vera and essential oils to keep your skin in check, Base Butter is on a skincare mission. Base Butter is simplifying the skin regimen with products that are easy to use and yield results through simple formulas that safely improve the overall health of the skin for immediate protection and long-term results. Their mission focuses on oily and combo skin types, with a vision to help women accept, love, and feel comfortable in their own skin. Founded by two bad-ass women: She’Neil Johnson and Nicolette Graves.

Black owned Beauty Brands Base Butter
Image credit: Base Butter

2. Beneath Your Mask

Another powerful founder story – Dana Jackson had struggled with her self-worth for years. After overcoming Lupus she was inspired to create a brand that meant something to her. The name “Beneath Your Mask” encourages women to embrace their true self, to love themselves no matter what. And that’s exactly what these products help you to do – they urge you to invest in yourself. The product ingredients include some of the world’s most potent, organic and wild-harvested botanicals, each chosen for its healing and restorative properties. I mean just reading the name of this product, Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé, makes me feel like a goddess. Get pampering ladies.

Black owned Beauty brands Beneath Your Mask
Image credit: Beneath Your Mask

3. Unsun

Founder Katonya Breaux was tired of SPFs that left a visible residue, so she set out to create her own sunscreen for all women (and men) of color that was easy to use and of course, could be applied flawlessly. Their bestseller, Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen, is formulated with all-natural ingredients and tinted to perfectly blend residue-free for all skin tones because the sun does not discriminate. Wear it on its own or use it as a primer under makeup. A true win-win.

Black owned Beauty brands Unsun
Image credit: Unsun

4. Danessa Myricks Beauty 

Founder Danessa Myricks (a household name in the makeup artist community) begged the question “what if beauty had no boundaries?” So she created a brand that didn’t. Danessa Myricks Beauty is an artisanal brand developed with the notion that makeup is art and that the world of beauty should be inclusive of every woman. Danessa created a brand to make women feel limitless in their creativity and beauty. Mission accomplished. From complexion to eye/lip/cheek and bronzer/contour, this brand has you covered for all skin tones. There’s also an entire line dedicated to GLOWING. Yes, please.

Black owned beauty brands Danessa Myricks
Image credit: Danessa Myricks Beauty

5. Bekura Beauty

Bekura (pronounced ‘bee-kure-ah’) is a specialty, avant-garde line of sanctuary spa naturals inspired to rest fatigued dry skin and hair. The word “Bekura” translates to mean “treasured”. Cultivated to comfort, Bekura’s beauty recipes harness deeply moisturizing, epicurean-grade botanicals such as floral honey nectars, cacao bean, and cold-pressed fruit butters. Rooted in me-time leisure moments and timeless beauty rituals, Bekura’s philosophy is to create calming self-care retreats curated with authentic ingredient blends, rich softening textures and cozy therapy aromas meant to indulge your skin, hair, and soul. Sign me up.

Black owned beauty brands Bekura
Image credit: Bekura Beauty

6. KNC Beauty 

I’ve been a fan of this brand since the start and you should too. Why? Because they’re best known for their all-natural collagen-infused lip mask. I don’t think there’s much more that needs to be said? After this hero product took off, the brand launched a few delicious lip balms and their newest addition: a retinol-infused eye mask. Founded by the gorgeous Kristen Noel Crawley and found at retailers including Net-A-Porter and Violet Grey.

Black owned beauty brands KNC
Image credit: KNC Beauty

7. Hanahana Beauty

Hearing this founder’s story alone will make you a supporter. Abena Boamah-Acheampong set out on a journey to develop a product made from real ingredients with a clear mission in sustainability. That led her to the Katariga Women of Tamale, Ghana. Hanahana Beauty supports the uplifting of women of color through designing and making all products with natural ingredients. The products are made with shea butter directly from the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana combined with natural oils. Consider the global beauty industry disrupted.

Black owned beauty brands Hanahana
Image credit: Hanahana Beauty

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