Why Your Mental Health Can Affect Your Dog And How A Holiday Might Help!

...turns out we're so in sync it's stressing our pooches out!

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Love your puppy as if it’s your first child? Can’t make it through a rough day without a post-work cuddle? Sometimes feel he/she’s the only one who truly gets you?
That’s because they do, much more than you know.

A latest study has found dogs are more than just a man⁠—or woman’s⁠—best friend, they actually can be in sync with our emotions, particularly when we’re stressed.

In the Nature’s Scientific Reports study, researchers found pet dogs have the ability to synchronise their stress levels with those of their owners, essentially mirroring our mental state .
Not such good news for our beloved pooches, when recent reports show 26 per cent of Australians admit to being depressed or anxious and we’re a nation of devoted dog owners.
Currently in Australia, 38 per cent of households own a dog (according to the RSPCAwhich equates to around 4.8 million pet dogs at home with Aussie families.

Image: @ovolohotels

The research⁠—which studied over 58 dogs and their ownersfound that when cortisol levels were tested over a year,  results showed a significant correlation between human and dog stress levels, and that they would rise and fall whenever their owner’s did.
And, out of all dogs, the female pooches had the tougher time, proving to be even more emotionally responsive and connected to their owner’s stress compared to male dogs.
What does all this mean? It might be time to book in you and your pup for a quality R&R weekend!

And don’t worry, bringing a dog along has now become so much easier, in fact hotels are now catering specifically for puppy companions.

For those based in Australia and Hong Kong, Ovolo Hotels offers a new ‘V.I.Pooch experience that especially caters for a stressed out side-kick.

Ovolo, unlike traditional hotels, like to be disruptors in the industry and as such now offer dog-friendly rooms to all at ALL it’s properties globally.

Image: @ovolohotels

Apart from a pet-friendly, warm and welcoming experience, your pooch will get the much needed love and care they need to really unwind and de-stress. 
Each pet-friendly room is decked out with a plush dog bed, a no-mess eating and drinking mat, separate food and water bowls and even a designer ‘Doggy Bag’ containing ‘woof-worthy’ dog toys, healthy snacks and poop bags to bring along on walks, hikes and adventures around town.
Aside from all the benefits for your beloved, it also means it allows you to rest, relax and still get snuggles in bed of an evening. As a hotel that prides themselves on ‘effortless living’ they sure are setting a new standard for self-care and wellness weekends away.

Happy human + happy puppy + happy holiday = happy life.
For more about the V.I.Pooch experience, check out the package here.

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