Is Bamboo The New 'Vegan Silk' When It Comes To Eco Bed Linen?

Plus, how it will help your beauty sleep!

Vegan or not, if you’re looking to get serious about sustainability, it’s time to meet bamboo – the new eco warrior set to revolutionise your bedtime.

While you may be all over the sustainable lifestyle – cutting out chemicals from your beauty cupboard, letting go of packaged food and shop eco-conscious fashion, what about your bedding?
Just because you may not eat meat or already live along the sustainable lines, it doesn’t mean your bedwear should be any different. 
And in fact, it doesn’t even matter if you’re vegan or not, sleep hygiene is an absolute pillar for good health, and it’s time you got up with the latest in ethical bedding…

Introducing⁠—bamboo, possibly the greatest gift to snoozers there is.

Image: @ettitudestore

Imagine a silk based feel, without the sweat dripping intensity of silk. Bamboo is entirely breathable and will work with your body to create the bespoke temperate needed.
And the best part? It’s entirely not only has a low environmental impact and fast regenerating properties but has so many benefits: it’s antimicrobial, thermoregulating, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking. 
To find out more about this luxe new eco fabric, Amodrn spoke with Phoebe Yu⁠—founder of Ettitude (‘eco-attitude’)⁠—a global bamboo linen brand, first founded in Melbourne, but now fast growing across the US. 

What makes Ettitude’s bamboo products ethical and sustainable?

“All of our bamboo is 100 per cent organic bamboo sourced from FSC Certified forests in China and is part of China’s Worldwide Responsible Accredited Program (WRAP), so it’s a certified factory that ensures its supply-chain partners are operating ethically and responsibly,” says Yu.

“In terms of the environmental manufacturing, our bamboo is turned into pulp, dissolved in non-toxic, organic solvent and goes into the process of manufacturing – which involves the same water being used and recycled up to 200 times before the final 100% organic bamboo lyocell is created.”
“In addition, Ettitude’s organic bamboo lyocell is exclusive to the brand and is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX – a global independent organisation that tests textiles for harmful chemicals and toxic content,” says Yu.

Image: @ettitudestore

What makes bamboo similar but better than silk? 

“Well, Ettitude’s ‘bamboo lyocell’ (unlike other bamboo) doesn’t require any nasty or harsh chemicals to produce. And, unlike silk, it’s ethically made with no harmful manufacturing requirements,” says Yu.

“Lyocell is similar to rayon in feel – it’s super soft as a result of the natural cellulose in wood (or bamboo) pulp and so when combined with bamboo, it takes on an incredibly silky, lightweight feeling that’s soft and light to the touch.”

Image: @ettitudestore

Would you say calling bamboo the ‘new vegan silk’ has lead to more interest? 

“Well, it’s interesting as people still seem a bit oblivious to the cruelty inherent in silk production and often have turned a blind eye, which, when you think about it, is so mis-aligned with the values of those who are vegan or trying to live more ethically,” says Yu.
“But in saying that, we have found that calling our bamboo lyocell ‘vegan silk’ easily encapsulates two things: the incredible texture of the fabric and the ethical/sustainable way it’s made. It’s become an effective nickname and definitely piques people’s interest in the product.”

In terms of feel, how is it to sleep in? 

“By far the most popular feedback we get is that sleeping on Ettitude sheets is like sleeping on a cloud,” says Yu.

“Customers are often telling us that our bedding keeps them super comfortable and cool and that it’s just an absolute pleasure to sleep in them every night. One of our favourite reviews even said our sheets make getting out of bed extremely difficult!”

Image: @ettitudestore

Lastly, what are the health benefits of bamboo bedding? 

  • It’s thermoregulating – “Meaning it’s great for hot sleepers, it will keep you cool in summer but also cosy in winter as it reacts to your own body temperature.”
  • It’s antibacterial – “The bamboo component of the textile means that it’s antimicrobial and doesn’t need to be washed as often as cotton sheets.”
  • It’s hypoallergenic – “Our customers find their allergies calm down when sleeping on our bedding, so it’s also great for those with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.”
  • It’s moisture-wicking – “It dries very quickly so if you sweat in your sleep, bamboo sheets will keep you nice and dry.”
  • It’s pre-shrunk – “Our Ettitude bedding is washed so that it won’t shrink again when washed. You can throw it in the washing machine, dry it on the line and it will be good as new.”
  • It feels and looks good – ‘So you will naturally want to get into bed.’ Enough said!

For those looking to make the move to bamboo, check out Ettitude’s full range (including linen, eye masks, pyjamas and pillow slips) here.

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