Why Superfood Cleanses Are The Health Trend Loved By Hollywood A-Listers Right Now

Think all of the nutrients and none of the negatives!

Thought detoxes and cleanses were done? Not quite!
They just got a whole lot healthier, more nutrient rich and popular with the A-listers.

With Beyonce and J-Lo already on the bandwagon – and their bodies speaking for themselves – the need for nutrient rich, cleansing solutions are now back in demand.
And while cleanses can often get a bad rep, because like any diet, the body is restricted to eating and not eating certain foods (or liquids), who says they have to be bad?
What if they can actually be the opposite? A new study from the University of Southern California (home of Hollywood) found that by maintaining a lean body with short bursts of fasting it may lead to a longer life!

Image: @philosophielove

Plus, if they’re packed full of nutrient boosting superfoods and healthy proteins that leave the body satiated, then it can be a completely revitalising, nourishing and good reset for your body.
Cue – Philosophie, the hottest healthy cleanse brand in Hollywood, sure to convert even the skeptics (and definitely the spiritual).

But, before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning George Clooney is a big fan. Yep, Clooney. This is what he had to say:
“As my first time doing a cleanse, I thought it would be nearly impossible, but after I felt so much lighter and clearer,” says Clooney. “I use the Cacao Magic powder all the time and love adding crushed ice to the Chocolate Mylkshake to make it a malt beverage.”
Image: @philosophielove

Cleansing suddenly just got sexy…but here’s a few other ‘Non-Clooney’ related reasons…
The powders come in delicious flavours like cacao, coconut and a mixed greens, and they are not only plant-based protein but are packed with all the good things like camu camu, reishi, mesquite along with calcium, iron, antioxidants and magnesium. And yes of course, are also raw, organic and gluten-free.Converted yet?
Not only do the Philosophie products packs a punch but outside of the gut-cleansing benefits, what sets this cleanse apart is that it’s so holistic and also comes with detox bath products, palo santo and chrysalis water too – think total mind, body and spirit refresh.

With founder Sophie Jaffe, a raw food chef and yoga teacher, you can trust that Philosophie provides the perfect infusion of nutrients and spirituality, along with all of the love and none of the nasties.

Image: @philosophielove

So whether you’re out for a Beyonce bod and looking to revitalise after a sluggish season, you’re a new mamma to be needing a protein boost or are just feeling the low vibes and needing a spiritual uplift, definitely make like an A-Lister and give your whole being the renewal it needs with a little Philosophie love, science says  you’ll reap the benefits.

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