How—And Why—You Need To Cleanse Your Aura

Doing it can totally change your life.

“Some people just have an unexplainable energy that seems to surround them.”

They’re like the definition of #goodvibes—amazing things always seem to happen to them. You know the type; they’re the kind of person who wins the lottery, meets their soulmate at a coffee shop, and has their self-published book hit the New York Times bestseller list on the same day … Are these blessed souls just lucky (eye roll), or is there something else happening here?

It could be that they’ve got a squeaky clean, attractive aura. Yep, we’re serious.

If you’re a believer, an aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. It can attract and dispell energy—and the idea is that the clearer it is, the more attractive (in a good way) you are.

We sat down with Shannon Yrizarry, one of the guides at the LA-based mystic institution the House of Intuition. Here’s what she told us about how and why we should be cleansing our auras, and what to expect when we finally get clear. 

We’ve heard a lot about cleansing our auras. What does that mean?

First, we need to understand what an aura is so we know what we’re cleansing, right?
Everyone knows they have a physical body, but most people don’t know we also have an energetic body surrounding our physical body. This is also referred to as the aura. You can recognize someone’s aura when they walk into the room. You will immediately feel if they are a cheerful person, bitter, or confident. This ‘read’ we get on someone comes from our auras interacting.

The energetic body is comprised of electromagnetic pulses created by emotions generated in our physical body; there are 72,000 nerves that bundle in seven places called the nadis or chakras. Those bundles interact with our energetic body, relaying information about our stress and emotions we pick up from our environment.

If we are holding a lot of charges in our energetic body, we will feel physical stress in our body which is why we want to release those caught emotions or in other words, cleanse our auras. Think of it like bacteria that builds up in your mouth when you don’t brush your teeth.

“Essentially, cleansing your aura is releasing the charge of emotional experiences and habitual thought patterns that can affect your physical body when they build up.”

So how do you do it? Can you cleanse your aura at home?

Pranayama: Breath work like the Breath of Fire and other pranayama techniques are the quickest way to clear your aura. Just 50 seconds of Breath of Fire changes the entire blood chemistry because it brings so much oxygen to the blood stream. In the car, try breathing in as deeply and slowly as you can for seven seconds, holding it for seven seconds, and breathing out for 7 seconds. Repeat that cycle 3 times and you’ve got a quick energetic reset.

Salts and crystals: You can also do a salt bath, take a shower (moving water generates negative ions which cleanse the aura’s positive ions).

“Use elements which generate negative ions like Himalayan salt, an amethyst crystal, and selenite crystal.”

Music: Calm music helps clear the aura because the wavelengths in music interact and harmonize with the body’s energy waves.You can do this daily to keep negative emotions and negative spiraling thoughts from building up. Even clearing clutter from your home and car will help you feel clear. We constantly interact with our environment, and our external environment reflects our internal mind.

via House Of Intuition
via House Of Intuition

What results can you expect to see after clearing your aura?

You’ll feel more optimistic and be more pleasant to be around. Since people can intuitively sense a dense aura holding resentment or fear, they avoid it. When you clear your field, people will literally feel more comfortable around you. And like attracts like, so you’ll find that instead of attracting people holding onto trauma or victim mentalities, you’ll start interacting with people who see possibility.

Aura clearing also removes mental blocks that keep you from realizing potential—you’ll see what can go right instead of immediately thinking of what could go wrong. You’ll also reduce inflammation in your body caused by the stress hormone cortisol, an acidic compound that creates free radicals and steals from healthy skin cells leaving your tissue sore and painful.

“Once you let things go, you will have space for new relationships and feel more confident to move forward. Most people report feeling lighter and having more mental clarity.”

If you think about how each of the body’s systems interact, creating harmony in just one system (in this case the nervous system) can help our digestive, glandular, lymphatic, endocrine, immune system and musculoskeletal systems.


Is there anything you can do on a daily basis that will keep your aura clear and bright?

Absolutely—yoga is one of the easiest ways to keep that aura shiny! Have you ever noticed the yogis glow? It’s literally that they are carrying more energy in their nervous system because they have trained their body to be able to hold more energy.

We know we conduct electricity in our bodies and when we look at it scientifically, it’s obvious that we need tune ups and to make sure the circuits are flowing. Food affects our emotions as well so making clean food choices will help your aura stay clear.

Make it easier on yourself. Take a shower if you feel low-vibe, play music designed for your nervous system like Hemisync which helps you move into a theta or delta brainwave as opposed to the beta which is our action mode which causes stress.

Finally, it’s not rocket science (thank goodness!) Just start your day with a positive intention like, “Today is going to be full of positive and loving interactions.” You can tell yourself, “Today is the best day of my life.”

“Give your ship a positive direction and you won’t pick up negative interference.”

Tell yourself that, “Only positive energy is allowed to surround me,” and set the intention to bring a smile to everyone.

At night, you need to reset your aura by visualizing a clear space around you, let go of the stories, let your mind rest and just be in your body so you can sleep peacefully and wake up in a good mood.


Any other recommendations for someone looking for a fresh start, who wants to feel more clear and open?

Basically, there are two aspects of clearing your aura: The physical remedies like massage and salt baths, and the mental remedies like meditation and intention setting. Both aspects are still simple and low cost—so don’t feel overwhelmed. Consistently putting these things to use will keep you feeling the best over time.

When you’re trying to develop a routine for emotional management, immerse yourself in education and classes about it. You’re retraining your neural pathways which may be deeply ingrained if you never knew you can choose which thoughts you let into your brain and direct them. Meditation classes or guided meditations such as those offered by Deepak Chopra are a great start.

“Wearing an amethyst necklace, bracelet or earrings can help as well as crystals like black tourmaline and selenite. Carry them in your pocket or put them by your desk at work.”

Use sage, palo santo or incense daily and throughout the day to clear the space around you. Recent studies show that this ancient practice has scientific backing; the chemical reaction of the smoke with our energy field has a physical effect on our body that can actually be measured. These are quick clearing techniques that can become a part of your daily routine. A weekly salt bath will certainly help as well.

Finally consider reiki, massage, and acupuncture as a part of your monthly regimen for your emotional management. These holistic therapies will always leave you feeling lighter and brighter. NLP (neural linguistic programming) can help retrain thought patterns to be more positive subconsciously, this is the root of many of our emotions. Saying simple positive daily affirmations, looking at them or writing them can help create new ways of thinking that will help keep that aura bright.

Once again, consistently putting these things to use will keep you feeling the best over time.

This interview was conducted with Shannon Yrizarry. You can follow her on Instagram at @Shannonhouseofintuition and follow House of Intuition at @houseofintuition. Shannon is a part of a team of healers at HOI which offers classes, reiki, tarot and oracle card readings and intuitive readings at House of Intuition in Echo Park in Los Angeles. To book visit

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