How to nail the 'effortless' half bun

More perfect, less poodle.

Is it just me or does the ‘effortless’ half bun take you at least 20 tries? It’s the go-to hair do for unwashed locks that says, “I’m trendy but I didn’t try.” And yet, it seems the hardest to master.
Whether it’s too much hair, too little hair, too straight hair or too curly hair, there’s a fine line between perfect and poodle. So to help you stay on the right side of it, here is a step-by-step guide to nailing the half bun, no baby curls in sight.

5 Steps To Mastering The Art Of The Half Bun

Embrace the mess

half bun, how to style the half bun, top knot hair style
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First things first, the throw-it-together half bun actually requires a bit of preparation (or laziness) since it holds best in ‘Day Two’ hair. So refrain from washing your locks and get to know your grease. To prevent your roots from looking oily, and for extra hold, try using a dry shampoo before you start.

To Show or To Cover

half bun, how to style the half bun, top knot hair style
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Start by brushing through the top of the hair. Here you must decide whether to go for the straight back look or a visible part. Both can appear casual or sophisticated depending on how neat or messy you make them. If you’re worried about regrowth, try a root concealer. 

Divide and Conquer

half bun, how to style the half bun, top knot hair style
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Once decided, section your hair in half. A good place to start is the eyebrow line. If you have thick hair, opt for less and if you have fine hair, take a bit more. Play around with it to find the bun size you desire. If you’ve chosen to cover your part, brush it back while holding it in your hands. If not, let it fall naturally or brush it to the sides for a smarter style.

Try The Ponytail Bun

half bun, how to style the half bun, top knot hair style
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Next, pull it into a ponytail at the back of your head. If you opt for the method pictured above, tie it like a ponytail and just before you pull the hair all the way through, create a bun. Pull the pieces of hair apart at the band to great a fan and tighten. If you have fine hair it’s best to use small, invisible elastics to avoid extra bulk.

Or The Twisted Top Knot

half bun, how to style the half bun, top knot hair style
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For the twisted top not, start with your ponytail like a waterfall. Twist the ponytail around your finger until it resembles a thick ribbon. Next, twist the ribbon around the centre, either using your finger as a guide or holding it with an elastic. It should resemble a ballerina bun. Tie with an elastic, use bobby pins to hold it in place and spritz hair spray to tame the whispy bits.

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