Why Staying In Is The New Going Out

Feel guilty about cancelling your plans this weekend? Here's why you shouldn't

We’ve all been there. You make Friday night plans with friends at the beginning of the week, hoping the imminent promise of tacos and margaritas will cure your Monday-itis. You’re genuinely excited to catch up with your girls, because who doesn’t love gossiping over Mexican food? But by the time Friday afternoon rolls around, you’re utterly exhausted. You’ve spent all week staring at a computer screen, dealing with temperamental clients and generally just trying to keep your life in order. You love your friends, but the very last thing you feel like doing is getting dressed up and going out. Instead, all you want to do is curl up on the lounge with a pizza and binge-watch Game of Thrones. So, when your friends begin to cancel one by one (because they’re all in the same boat), you’re secretly relieved.
So, what’s going on? Have we all become a generation of antisocial homebodies? Or is just here in Sydney, where going out is practically illegal? Well, according to the New York Times, ‘staying in is the new going out’ in the Big Apple. So, even in the city that never sleeps, FOMO has been replaced with JOMO (joy of missing out)! If you ask me, there are a few reasons so many of us choose the comfort of our own homes over a night out of the town.

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One is that we’re all rapidly becoming more health conscious. Not only is staying home better for your body (and bank balance) but your mind, too. When we’re constantly ‘on’ during the week, sometimes we need quiet time to recharge our batteries. After all, how can you be the best version of yourself when you’re constantly drained? Basically, not forcing yourself to go out when you’re not in the mood is the ultimate act of listening to your body. The other reason is that all of the old selling points of going out – food, entertainment, a potential relationship – are now available at the click of a button! Hello, Netflix, UberEats and Tinder! So, rather than fighting it, I say we just embrace staying in as an act of self-love! Here are some essentials for your ultimate cozy night in:

Ugg boots

uggs, ugg bootsYes, it’s the middle of summer in Australia. But nothing says comfort quite like cocooning your toes in a warm pair of UGGs! 

Throw blanket

Throw rug
This super soft throw blanket is an absolute must-have for pizza-loving homebodies!


Chillax in style with some loungewear essentials from Organic Crew. All of the Melbourne brand’s items are ethical, sustainable and made from 100 % organic cotton, so you’ll feel just as good as you look.

Scented candle

This gorgeous copper candle from Cocolux Australia is the perfect way to add some luxe zen to your night in.

Tea set

Tea for one can be fun when you’ve got an awesome tea set like this chic one from T2.

Deep Sleep Support

Magnesium Breakthrough

Want to fall asleep faster and all through the night?


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Want to absorb ALL the valuable nutrients from your food?

Improve Your Digestion

Good Bacteria Support


Want to protect your body from bad bacteria that’s causing bloating?


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